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Corvette Z06 Automatic Transmission

The M12 series was the gearbox selected for installation in the C5 Z06 Corvette in 2001. This assembly is a rear mounted design that was built exclusively to match the luxuries offered in the Corvette brand. Because paying too much at a Chevy dealership for OEM parts is common, someone can be a Corvette Z06 automatic transmission in used condition right from this website.

The years of production for the C5 Z06 were 2001 to 2004. The transmission was related to the MM6 version used in earlier produced Chevrolet vehicles. What the M12 provided was a clear boost in torque due to the 6-speed gearing that was created. From temperature controls to a rear install, the Z06 transmission was a true work of art by GM.

LS6 Engine Compatible Transmissions

There were some clear differences in the MM6 and M12 gearboxes. The first comes from the higher gear ratio in the 1st gear. Nearly a 30% increase was noticeable during operation. One piece of technology that Chevy Corvette models featured starting with the C5 cars was the axle and drive ratio differences. Each axle had its own gearing system to complement the 6-speed gearing.

Direct compatibility with the 5.7 V8 LS6 motor was crucial to the design of the manual 6-speed gearbox. Because of the two-door hard top design, a speedy motor that could handle the changed gear ratios was needed. Production and assembly of the Z06 C5 version was completed in the state of Kentucky.

Issues with 6-Speed Chevy Transmissions

There are no known recalls or issues that have been available to review publicly about the M12 gearboxes. Because these were created for use in the Corvette, issues that might have been experienced by a car owner where exclusive to maintenance of minor design flaws. A person buying a preowned manual transmission from this website immediately receives the full support of the long range parts warranty offered for free.

This helps a person to feel save when shopping for a replacement gearbox to fit into a C5 Corvette. Aside from the protection through a parts warranty, direct shipments that happen inside the U.S. are usually free of charge. The freight charges that would normally be payable were are eliminated from pricing that displayed on this very website.

Prices for Manual C5 Z06 Gearboxes

It takes the model year and a selection of the Chevy brand in order to search this website for available transmission prices. Because there are many dealers offering comparison pricing, information like a VIN number might also be helpful to include. The real point of using the digital tools provided on this portal is to save a person research time when shopping on the web.