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Dodge 48RE Transmission for Sale

Buy a used Dodge 48RE transmission at a sale price here. The salvage inventory carried for 4-speed gearboxes is second to none. Authentic Chrysler parts and components are available on each assembly shippable nationally. A free warranty plan is part of the e-commerce order processing.

Electronic controls are now a big part of the creation of automatic transmissions in the automotive industry. The A618 unit provided the basis for the 47RE assembly that laid the foundation for the late model TorqueFlite products now manufactured. As a heavy duty gearbox, the 48RE receives its shift sequences through an electronic control unit.

This data is being presented as a history of the 4-gear modules before a person buys a Dodge 48RE transmission for sale online.

Specs of the 48RE

First built the year 2003, the Ram 2500 series pickup trucks were the first to receive the newly automatic controlled units. As a rear wheel drive product, many diesel powered engines are found paired up with the 48RE gearbox.

The 3500 HD trucks are also a variant of the Chrysler company utilizing the newest technology. The popularity of the V10 motor block has created more interest for heavy-duty four-gear automatic transmissions.

A lockup clutch is the brains behind the advanced torque converter. More than one clutch is used to regulate the shifting speeds. A tow haul mechanism prevents the clutch in the torque converter from activating during heavy loads.

Problems With Second Hand Transmissions

Overheating is one cause of concern for older gearboxes that are acquired from high mileage vehicles. Especially in diesel V8 and V10 builds, heat is sometimes not dissipated due to oil problems.

Some people add cooling systems to the oil pump to help prevent the risk of overheating or damaging gears. Going past the rated towing capacity is one way to ruin any automatic shift module.

All of the previously owned products that appear at sale prices on this website do not have problems. The previous owners followed all manufacture guidelines for oil changes and usage. Everything that is for sale has gone through a number of pressure tests to validate the quality.

Buy Used 48RE Transmissions for Sale

There are two faithful ways to acquire a super low price on this portal. The first way is the most common. Calling a support expert who understands recycled Chrysler parts is best. The posted number offers anyone with a phone in the USA access to fast assistance.

The second way is to get a quote in price on the web. A base price structure is viewable using any of the systems that are displayed on the top of this information page.