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Dodge A618 Transmission for Sale

The A618 is an automatic transmission found for sale in Dodge diesel vehicles. With a regular gear ratio of 2:45, this TorqueFlite assembly is known as a dependable unit. The modified option code that Chrysler uses to refer to its older A-Series gearbox is the 47RH. In any case, any consumer can find a Dodge A618 transmission for sale while exploring the inventory on this website.

Cummins brand motors are often packaged with the four-speed automatic due to ease of shifting. Because a diesel block has a little less torque at higher operating speeds, the usage of the smaller shifting assemblies makes sense. In terms of the Dodge A618 assembly, many people like to change out a defective one or modify these for placement into other motor vehicles.

Ram trucks from the 1500 to the 3500 can accept the vintage or newer versions of the TorqueFlite units. Something that used automotive parts purchasers should remember is that gaskets, filters and sensors are not modified like rebuilt ones. When something is disassembled by a junk parts dismantler, it is left in the original condition for sale.

A618 Parts Warranty Plans

Does your Chrysler transmission not shift right? Do you notice hydraulic fluid leaking under your vehicle? The answer to find the actual problem to these issues is not easy to determine. Even if a qualified mechanic were to diagnose a problem, the chance of keeping the costs below a certain threshold are not that good.

To make things better, PreownedTransmisssions.com gives access to its assortment of suppliers in North American here. All of these companies are in the business to make money while providing the average consumer with quality products. A warranty plan that will protect as much as 36 months of ownership after purchase is offered.

It is the strength of these plans that keeps car owners from paying high costs to replace an older automatic gearbox. Nearly all of the original parts found on the four-speed units can be taken off and put back on. The warranty terminology is spelled out in the documentation to leave no doubt what is really covered under the no cost plans.

Prices Quotes for Dodge Transmissions

Getting to know our staff means that contact must be initiated by a buyer. The price quote app that we built here in 2013 is still functional today. After numerous improvements, this tool has become simpler to access and rely upon. A quotation in price that is accurate and created for each person is what is received.

Our toll-free number can be dialed during regular operating hours. Going over the terms of the sale, shipping information or other things can happen during a call. Try us. Find out why so many people stopped buying from auction portals in favor of this portal.