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Dodge A999 Transmission for Sale

A999 automatic transmission units by Dodge were for sale until 2002. Now called the 32RH, these three-speed units were found behind V8 and V6 engines. Unlike the optional A904, use with heavy-duty vehicles took place in Jeep and other brands. Using the features provided to the public on this site, a Dodge A999 transmission for sale is one of the products found in stock.

Among many groups, the A-Series gearboxes from Chrysler were very reliable. Since these did not include modern day electronics, the hydraulic controls were built to withstand a lot of usage. In the 1980s, changes were made that improved the gear ratios to ready the A999 transmissions for use with bigger motors.

Complete Three-Speed Gearboxes

A person who owns a Wrangler, Diplomat or Wagoneer likely already knows how good the shifting pattern in the A999 assembly actually is. While there is always the threat of a part going bad, people appreciate the components because these can still be replaced. Through manufacturing advancements, the old OEM parts are now being created again by way of third-party sellers.

PreownedTransmissions.com retails only the top quality automatic assemblies that are in complete condition. There are no parts that are missing from the housing. A detailed overview is one of the actual safeguards that distributors are now using to certify condition prior to delivery.

A-Series Compatibility

Conversions with other vehicles is possible with the Chrysler A999 gearbox. Hot rods, performance cars and non-Dodge motor vehicles can be fitted rather easily with the standard units. When doing any type of swap, it is helpful to check the specs before ordering to guarantee a perfect fit.

A junk yard in a select area of the United States is where the inventory provided on this portal comes from. In a matter of seconds, a quick search of this site to find the right part numbers can be made. The application that we have programmed holds all of the option codes and other data pertaining to Dodge OEM part numbers.

Buy Used Automatic Transmissions

It is easy to give up on an older vehicle that continues to break down. A repair job that is completed quickly can only happy when the best components are utilized. What we supply to the general public is a very simple method of locating what is housed in a central warehouse at all times. No one needs the stamp ID or other part number to begin.

A price quote and the chance to buy what is quoted is presented. If the data given does not match or seems inaccurate, please call the phone number and speak with our service department. These individuals field calls on a daily basis from parts suppliers, dealers and owners of motor vehicles that want to buy a replacement A999 transmission at a good price.