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Dodge Dakota Transmission

Preowned Dodge 42RLE

Dodge introduced its Dakota truck series in 1987. This truck series was introduced with a smaller 2.2 engine that required a three-speed gearbox. This first edition was soon upgraded with a larger engine and more gearbox types to please truck owners. There is a variety of components used in the Dakota trucks that feature the latest technologies. The Preowned Transmissions company specializes in used Dodge assemblies and provides an easy way to buy a Dodge Dakota transmission.

Chrysler is responsible for a majority of the transmissions used in the Dakota and Ram series trucks. The internal manufacturing that is used to build gearboxes has introduced some popular builds. The 42RE is the base four-speed unit that most trucks use in the Dodge family. The larger 44RE is an upgrade that was used in the early 1990s. The 1997 to 2004 production year introduced manual edition transmissions. These are also in stock and ready for U.S. shipments.

Used Dodge Dakota Transmissions: OEM Four and Five-Speed

The late model five-speed transmissions are produced by Chrysler and third party companies. The New Venture Gear units are popular in Dodge trucks known as the NV editions. The AX series was used in Jeep vehicles as well as other manufactured vehicles. The electronic controls that are placed into Dakota gearboxes produced after 1997 can be found using this resource. The 45RFE and 54RFE designs are available for all buyers of replacement parts. OEM quality is provided with each unit in stock.

Dakota transmission problems can be reported by some current truck owners who realize that a replacement is needed. Part of the quality that is offered with a used gearbox is based on the usage period of each owner. The assemblies that are promoted for sale using this website online are above average quality. This means that mileage is low and the external condition is in good shape.

How to Buy Dodge Dakota Transmission Inventory

A unit in stock here is paired with a warranty plan. These plans are included in every price quotation. Purchasing a used condition unit is a relatively simple process online. There are sellers online that do not include a warranty or the price of shipping in the quote. The PreownedTransmissions.com company produces all quotations here online that include shipping and warranties. Every user of this website can generate immediate quotes without effort here.

A phone quote method is also one of the ways to find out current pricing. There are never prices listed here for used Dodge transmissions. This protects the discount price structures in place. A specialist generates all quotes in price through the phone number in place here. Every caller is greeted with a low price as well as opportunities to ask questions about inventory in stock. Every automatic or manual edition Dakota transmission for sale can be quoted this way.