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Dodge Ram Transmission

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The Chrysler company created the full-size pickup truck known as the Dodge Ram in the 1981 year. The transmissions that were designed for use with this truck were designed for the V6 and slant 6 engines that were used by Chrysler. The same level of production put into the engines was placed into the transmissions development. Chrysler shares its technology with both Dodge and Jeep to provide more opportunities for each vehicle brand to grow.

The original TorqueFlite transmissions by Chrysler were the first installment into the Ram. These three-speed manual and four-speed automatic units were found in the early stages of the Ram production. These units were used until the early 1990s when the engine technologies were changed and required new naming conventions for each gearbox. The original A500 transmission was changed to 42RH while the 518 was changed to the 46RH. The upgraded 47RH was changed and renamed from the 618 design.

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The history of the Dodge Ram pickup truck has included both Chrysler transmissions and outsourced units produced by companies like New Venture Gear. The NV series gearboxes were introduced in the mid-1990s as upgrades to the older Chrysler builds. The NV3500, NV6500 and NV4500 were transmissions used in the Ram as well as some General Motors vehicles. New transmission development by the Chrysler company now features the eight-speed German produced 845RFE used in the modern Ram truck series.

All sale pricing that this website features is updated daily. The different range of Dodge truck transmissions found here is meant to increase the options for purchasing for customers. Any buyer has immediate access to the transmissions inventory here for sale. There are no price differences between units sold to commercial industries versus average buyers. What is consistent is the lower price structure used for each used Dodge company transmission in stock. All pricing is monitored for the lowest unit price possible before prices are distributed in the form of a quotation.

Used Dodge Ram Transmission Prices

Price quotes are automatically generated using the 21st century quotes tool that was programmed for easy use on this website. This tool provides one of the best online resources to review pricing. The year of each gearbox and type of Dodge Ram truck are asked by the quotation system prior to distributing pricing. This establishes the exact matching required for determining the correct transmissions sale price. The toll-free telephone number offered on this preowned transmissions resource supplies the automatic customer service that some buyers demand.

Calling the number listed on this page instantly connects any transmission buyer to specialists. These specialists are not call center workers who answer basic questions before sale. These talented staff of specialists know Dodge and Chrysler technologies to better assist buyers. A VIN number can be searched to help buyers unable to match transmission codes before sale. This toll-free number is available during regular hours of business and is responsible for helping thousands of consumers each year find reliable Dodge truck transmissions for sale.

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