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Eagle Talon Manual Transmission

The Diamond-Star company vehicles that were created for an 8-year period in the U.S. included the Eagle Talon. These vehicles were built in Illinois and featured a mixture of Chrysler and Mitsubishi components. The Talon was unique because of its dual transmission models available. A person who is ready to buy an Eagle Talon manual transmission will pay less using this website.

The Talon was one of the two-door models that was introduced in 1990. A secondary vehicle was produced for the Plymouth lineup that was an exact replication of the Talon. The way that the gearboxes were selected for each vehicle type had a lot to do with what motor was used. There were 4 initial motors offered by DSM during the 8-production years.

AWD Talon Transmissions

All but one of the Talon models featured an all-wheel drive motor and transmission setup. The manual gearboxes were selected for the 4G63 motor. These engines were a turbo version that supplied more than 200 horsepower. Consumers who purchased the DSM vehicles had the option to take the base four-speed or the later 5-speed transmission.

Several hundred thousand Talon cars were sold in the TSi trim level. While this model was successful, it was later dropped in favor of different vehicles that were being produced at a cheaper cost. Someone planning to swap out an Eagle Talon gearbox does have option though when hoping to find AWD inventory for sale.

W4A33-1 Transmission Problems

Different problems were noticed by some car owners about the quality of the W4A33-1 gearbox. Because of the use in the Laser and Eclipse, plenty of development and testing was available. People who had issues with snap rings, pressure plates or clutches did have these issues resolved by dealership mechanics. Someone buying direct through the PreownedTransmissions.com website does receive a warranty that covers most components problems.

A person who needs a replacement for the UP61 transmission tag will benefit not only from warranties offered here, but they will benefit from the low point of sale prices that are supplied on a national basis. The FA22-2 is an additional model that is priced less online.

Cheap Talon Used Transmissions Sale

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