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F4AEL Transmissions for Sale

The F4AEL automatic transmission was used by Mazda inside of its passenger cars. It is a four-speed assembly that was built with a lock-up torque converter. Like most late model gearboxes, there is an overdrive gear included. The versatility of this unit helped it enjoy a long production life from 1990 to 2005. You can buy F4AEL transmission for sale here.

A planetary gear, idler gear and differential were OEM installed on the Mazda-Jatco transmissions. This technology was in addition to the clutch packs that require electronic controls to operate. Automotive companies like Ford and Kia also used F4AEL transmissions. Much of what can be located in the USA comes from the salvage market.

Junk Yard Mazda 4-Speed Gearbox

Auto parts buyers at PreownedTransmissions.com get their pick for low mileage assemblies. The companies that handle the distribution to help increase the size of our inventory also help the public. Since a cleaning and inspection procedure is completed, nothing that is provided on sale here is in poor condition. The gearing, sensors and other parts are certified.

Yards all over North America are linked in a partnership agreement here. The acquired gearboxes are always reviewed before these are sold to the public. Another aspect of why the replacement F4AEL transmission units here are quality is the fact that a warranty plan is added.

Mazda MX3 Transmission

The most famous installation of the F4A-EL gearbox is inside of the MX3. While Ford did a good job of promoting the unit in the Probe, it was the Mazda usage that introduced global consumers what the four-speed models were capable of. The builds that are positioned and ready for distribution here are authentic MX transmissions in used condition.

After the removal and shine up, inventory is cataloged. The tag ID numbers are validated. Shipping companies are contacted to ensure the safest handling is available. Only trusted freight handlers are hired to provide delivery services for customers here.

Used F4AEL Gearbox Assembly

One will not find rebuilt or remanufactured stock here. The mileage and use is as low as possible in what we retail here. Someone with an interest in that type of data can call our service department to get more details. A quick quote in price is offered to review on this website. Make use of the computerized tool we supply. Then, when you are ready, place your order.