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Focus 4F27E Transmission for Sale

The 4F27E automatic transmission is called the FN4A-EL at Mazda. The Ford variant was used for the first time in the year 2000. To build up its overdrive gear assemblies, the decision was made at Ford Motor Company to use the four-speed with the Focus. One good thing that a person who purchases auto parts should know is that he or she can buy a Focus 4F27E transmission in used condition right here.

Focus Car Transmission Specs

The coupe and sedan models that were sold in the United States have all used the automatic gearbox at some point. People will find that Duratec 2.0-liter and 2.3-liter four-cylinder engines coupled with the 4F72E. There are dual sets of planetary gears that are found on the casing. While it is not a true OEM Ford build, this unit is still in mass production and usage.

The late model builds have a multi-stage torque converter. It does take approximately 7.1 quarts of fluid to fill the housing properly. A person who is willing to purchase a second hand edition should be check with a selected retailer about OEM inclusions. Not every version is sold on the Internet with a complete torque module.

Problems With the Ford Focus 4F27E 

Every electronic module inside of a modern gearbox is susceptible to a breakdown. Everything from corrosion to electrical failure can happen. With the 4-gear assemblies, overheating is always an issue as well as bad solenoid packs. Some people have found that adding an aftermarket cooling system to bring the oil temperature down works well.

The published specs by Ford do not indicate the synthetic oil must be used. Because of the higher viscosity, it can be a benefit to add a popular synthetic brand. This can help someone to minimize any common problems. A Ford Focus owner or auto mechanic can employ these techniques on preowned editions.

Warranties for Low Mileage 4F Gearboxes

PreownedTransmissions.com is a nationwide provider of salvage auto parts. These include complete assemblies from dismantlers. By removing only the lowest mileage units, the quality is able to remain a bit higher. It is very difficult to know what is being bought in an eBay auction for some buyers. Getting the right parts from the source corrects this.

All warranty plans created to protect what is retailed on this website are in effect for two full years. It is not realistic to believe that every component is covered though. There are some factory gaskets, springs and other essentials that are not part of the coverage package.

Buy Used 4F27E Transmissions Online

As a first point of entry for a parts purchaser, this website is a good start. It is natural to only request pricing when an intent to buy is active. A discount price is given out to all users of the warehouse interchange system here. Entering the car model, VIN or other specific data will help the system approximate the best prices around.