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Ford C4 Transmission

The classic Ford-O-Matic transmission was upgraded in 1964 as a C4 build. These automatic transmissions were early technology by Ford Motor Company. These units had four total gears although this includes a reverse gear. This series of transmissions was built until 1981 when the updated C5 units were released. The PreownedTransmissions.com company provides one of the largest online resources to find Ford C4 transmission units for cheap prices.

Users of Ford F-Series trucks likely know the dependability of the C4 three-speed gearboxes. These were inserted into the early 1980s F150 trucks after a long run in the 1970s with V6 and V8 automobiles. Many of the most famous motor vehicles produced by Ford in the past 40 years have used the C4 for reliability. The Torino, Bronco, LTD, Falcon, Lincoln, Cougar and Maverick are part of the history of the vintage C4 transmissions that are featured here for sale.

Used C4 Transmissions for Sale

A transmission buyer without a resource has several problems. The first problem is inventory located online is usually not validated. There are ways to validate a replacement transmission before a purchase is ever completed. Trusted dealers often provide as much information as possible to validate the unit. All automatic C4 transmissions sold here are certified used. This means that an internal inspection has been completed along the chain of supply. These inspections are crucial to long-term quality.

While it takes effort to install a Ford transmission correctly, no install will be complete without the inclusion of a long-term warranty plan. Any OEM part can fail without prior warning. Most parts that are available on use transmissions have never been replaced. These original parts are highly susceptible for various forms of breakdown or abnormal patterns of wear. The Preowned Transmissions company sells previously owned C4 Ford transmissions with a solid warranty plan. These are featured for each buyer willing to purchase through this resource.

How to Buy C4 Ford Transmissions Online

A transmission buyer using this resource has multiple choices to learn sale pricing. Prices are never listed on this resource due to fluctuations with supplier lists prices. All price discovery is found when using the automated database that is launched on this page. Every used Ford transmission from the company warehouse can be quoted using this connected tool online. Users of the system provide basic vehicle data to start viewing pricing.

A phone support system is also in use here in the U.S. and another method of obtaining pricing. The difference between this method and the online method is the instant feedback available. A real person is provided who understands used transmissions and can answer questions or perform lookups for transmission codes. This customer service is very different from auction companies or private seller acquisitions. All used automotive transmissions sourced from this company are selected for price and quality. Any American buyer accessing this resource has hundreds of options to choose for transmission replacements.