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Ford C6 Transmission

ranger transmission

Ford designed its selectshift technology in the 1960s for use in its heavy-duty vehicles. The Fairlane was the first vehicle to receive this transmission in 1964 and installation into the F-Series trucks soon followed. The Ford C6 transmission was one of the most used builds up until the 1980s when the late model automatic editions took its place. The previously owned units for sale for C6 gearboxes found here are cheap and ready to ship.

The C6 was one of the first three-speed gearboxes to be placed into a large percentage of the Ford lineup. The lower weight of this transmission allowed easier placement into more types of vehicles. Some of the most famous Ford engines in production were attached to the C6 gearboxes. The 351 Cleveland, Windsor and some diesel engines used the C6 units successfully. Locating this infamous build is easy with a dedicated resource online.

Used Ford Three-Speed Transmissions

The resources that are presented here for used for gearboxes are designed for customer benefit. Searching Google, Yahoo and Bing for transmissions for sale is a long and lengthy process. Each authentic assembly that is available for immediate shipment here is authenticated and certified prior to delivery. There is a large portion of the C6 inventory that is sold by some retailers online that does not include a warranty. Some buyers can be without the protection of these important policies at time of purchase.

All Preowned Transmissions company units in the Ford builds come with a standard 36-month warranty time period. These are offered for no charge and included in the listed sale prices quoted here online. All automatic Ford transmissions inventory that is shipped within the U.S. receives this extended warranty coverage. Each inspected unit is guaranteed to provide the long-term usage period that consumers expect when purchasing a used condition unit online. Buying preowned is a great way to save money on an expensive transmission purchase.

Ford C6 Transmission Price Quotes

Getting a price quote for the C6 gearboxes in stock is easy. The online method is to request immediate pricing using the automated quotation box on each page of this resource. What happens next is an exact price is presented online. This price does include the cost of shipping and the extended warranty. Buyers can be surprised at the low sticker price generated for all previously owned for transmissions in stock. The tools on this website can be used to find most replacement vintage and late model Ford units for sale.

The toll-free telephone number entered on this website is an equally popular method of receiving price quotes. A real person answers each telephone call and works personally with each caller to determine the size of engine and other information to generate an exact quote. All customer service experts understand transmission technologies and are knowledgeable about the Ford Motor Company inventory in stock.

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