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Ford Escort Transmissions for Sale

Escort Transmissions

Ford Escort Transmissions for SaleĀ 

Economy cars in the Ford lineup have included the Escort and other similar brands. Engines used for the Escort were built as 1.9 or 1.6 editions. The inner workings of each motor requires a gearbox ready for the wear and tear over the long term. The Ford Escort transmissions for sale located through this resource are ready for instant shipment. U.S. buyers can freely search this resource.

Ford Motor Company was the originator of the Escort vehicle brand. The 1981 introduction supplied value vehicles with above average parts to purchasers. The MTX assemblies were available as stick shift designs. The original as well as the MTX-II can be found in the inventory listed here for sale. Ford did create a related automatic transmissions known as the ATX. It was also a three-speed edition in the U.S. market.

Used Escort Transmissions: Manual or Automatic

The initial MTX and ATX designs were upgraded towards the late 1980s to include new Ford technologies. The G5M manual edition provided a five-speed gearbox while the F4EAT four-speed was borrowed from other Ford vehicles. These options were used up until the final production years for the Escort. These options are searchable through the current warehouse inventory shipping inside the U.S.

The stick shift and automatic editions that are marketed through this website always come with a warranty. An extended warranty plan is essential in the parts industry. Some consumers buy auto parts that are not covered with a warranty. High engine mileage for transmissions and motors can be one of the downfalls for consumers. Every two-year warranty plan shipped with a used Escort transmission here is included in the quoted prices.

How to Buy Ford Escort Transmissions

There is a precise process to follow here to find out what current sale pricing is offered. There are no sticker prices that are gathered and listed on this resource. This protects all wholesalers and dealers contributing to the inventory. The online quotation process is easy to use and can be completed using this website.

Any person who requests a transmission quote online has the option to receive quotes by phone as well. A specialist in the used parts industry is available during weekday hours of business. Every manual or automatic Ford transmissions can be priced this way. All research conducted in the company inventory to produce the best pricing is offered at no extra cost.