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Ford Expedition Transmission

Expedition remains the luxury mark of the Ford Motor Company for SUVs. These vehicles are fitted with more than one engine that requires a quality transmission. Ford is known for producing its own gearboxes as well as incorporating other outsourced technologies. The PreownedTransmissions.com company supplies used Ford Expedition transmission assemblies within the U.S. Nearly all units are available for shipment to purchasers.

One of the first builds used inside the Expedition was the E4OD. This overdrive transmission is one of the electronically controlled four-speed editions. This unit has been featured in most trucks and larger vehicles due to the heavy-duty construction. Ford made use of this edition for a large percentage of the production run of the Explorer. The 4R100 was the next upgrade and this gearbox is also used in F-Series trucks. Each of these components are shipped in the U.S. here.

Used Ford SUV Transmissions for Sale

Ford updates its SUV transmissions every few years. The upgrades to the Expedition include the popular 4R70W and the newer 4R75E. These continue the four-speed designs although feature better shifting. The six-speed editions were first produced in 2007 and are used in all late model builds for the luxury series SUVs. The used units that are found through the Preowned Transmissions company always come with a warranty. These warranties are designed to impress parts buyers seeking Ford parts for sale online.

A warranty is an essential part of any used transmission. Buyers who find Ford replacement assemblies online can have a problem finding a suitable warranty plan. All four-speed, five-speed and six-speed Expedition gearboxes are featured here with coverage for warranties. This strategy offers a trusted way to find a used condition transmission assembly that is free of errors or defects. These warranty plans are always included in the sticker prices promoted.

How to Buy Ford Expedition Transmission Inventory

Every SUV gearbox that is currently in stock for U.S. buyers can be quoted in sticker price here online. A dedicated tool is used to promote the current price structure. All pricing that attached to units in the company inventory is extracted from the quotes software on this page. A simple request is easily generated using the quotation system in place for the public. All digitized quotes are personalized for every parts buyer.

A secondary phone quotes system is also in place for website users. An offline call to the customer service department is easy to complete. These free calls introduce all callers to the low pricing and helpful service offered at the PreownedTransmissions.com company. A quote by phone offers access to helpful order specialists. These professionals provide details about inventory quality, mileage on each unit and other information requested by parts buyers.