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Ford F150 Transmission

The F-Series brand in the Ford Motor Company has been promoted in the U.S. since the 1940s. The adjustments made in the 1960s helped set to production pace for the next 50 years at Ford. There were multiple editions of transmissions used in the F150 brand of trucks. The Ford F150 transmission inventory found through this resource includes nearly every classic and new model available.

Apart from the Ford-O-Matic builds, Ford introduced updated technology for its trucks nearly every year starting in the 1980s. The 1982 to 1986 production of the C6 transmission is one example. The C6 is a three-speed column shifter design that is still found on the preowned market. This four-year production run in the F-Series trucks has concreted the C6 reputation in the truck series. Any buyer hoping to find this early edition unit will be pleased with the inventory searchable here online.

F-Series Transmissions for Sale: Automatic and Manual

A large percentage of the builds in the 1970s and early 1980s featured stick shift designs. These include the C6 and other brands. Ford stepped up the production for its truck division after 1986 and introduced many new builds. The overdrive AOD and E4OD are common builds that truck owners search for on the Internet. The Borg Warner T18 is a outsourced transmission still available. The New Process builds like NP435 provided the manual options in many trucks.

The marketing relationship with Mazda helped Ford to acquire the M5OD for use in F150 trucks in the past 20 years. The ever-popular 4R70W, 4R100 and 4R75E represent some of the latest builds that are still available as used units. The 6R80 editions that are featured for most 21st century F-Series trucks are also found through the manual and automatic inventory listed here online. All warranty protection that is provided with the units here is plentiful. This provides every buyer with a long-term usage life.

How to Buy Ford F150 Transmissions

This resource is one of few online that provides different ordering methods. The mixture of virtual and phone ordering systems has improved buyer choices. Locating a used condition truck transmission for a good price is a common practice here. The online system for quotes distribution is often preferred by transmission buyers in the U.S. A simple request made on this website instantly generates different F-Series truck gearbox pricing.

There is a PreownedTransmissions.com phone support system also available. This provides one extra step in the ordering process. What happens when the number is dialed is that experts assist with price distribution. Speaking to a real person can be helpful if transmission codes are unknown for a particular gearbox. All previously owned gearbox inventory discovered through this resource is quoted using these methods. Every low price, warranty plan and shipment policy in place at this company is for the betterment of every buyer.