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Ford Focus Transmission

The Ford Focus was manufactured by Ford in 1999 in the U.S. The early builds in the European market helped the USA edition to become a reality. There are different gearboxes selected for addition in each Focus. The PreownedTransmissions.com company is known globally for marketing Ford Focus transmission inventory for low prices on the Internet. Locating units through this resource is an easy process for U.S. buyers of auto parts.

The Focus is now in its second generation of manufacturing. Ford has used several engine families that dictate the transmissions that are used. The first edition CVH engines were smaller engines used in Escort and other vehicles. Vehicles using these engines rely on the IB5 five-speed gearbox. These were early designs although an automatic edition is also equally popular. These Ford produced gearboxes were not outsourced through third parties but were produced in company facilities.

Used Ford Focus Gearboxes: Four-Speed or Five-Speed

Most of the builds that are manufactured after 2001 use an automatic transmission. There are two main types that Ford uses to please car owners with new technologies. These are the 4F27E and F4EAT. Each of these assemblies provides different electronics. These are part of the luxury division of Ford parts. These automatically controlled four-speed units are the most common type used inside the United States for the Focus.

Ford did introduce the five-speed manual again in later builds. Most of the editions produced after 2004 have the option of a five-speed stick shift. All gearboxes that are set for sale on this website are compatible with all Ford motors. The Duratec, CVH and Zetec motors that are common inside the Ford Focus match well with the OEM transmissions sold here. Any buyer can find an exact match when searching inventory available through the PreownedTransmissions.com company warehouse.

How to Buy a Ford Focus Transmission

A two-step process is offered through this website to deliver actual pricing. Locating the cost for a replacement Ford transmission can be tricky online. Some sellers do not publicize the price until checkout. A quote for prices is how the pricing is generated here online. A buyer who knows the year of the Focus vehicle needing a gearbox and the engine type can request quotes online.

A quote that is distributed online is combined with the offline assistance available. A toll-free number is supplied in the United States for any person seeking Ford transmissions. A price quote request is an easy process when completed by phone. The Preowned Transmissions company pays for each call. Any caller can browse inventory, ask questions, obtain mileage details and arrange an order. A completed quote is easy to compare through auction companies and other transmission retailers to prove the low pricing.