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Ford Probe Transmission Used

Probe was one of the best-sellers in the U.S. for Ford Motor Company between 1998 and 2007. This hatchback designed vehicle was based on technology originally developed at Mazda. Because Ford had a working relationship with other automakers, it was easy to integrate the Probe into the inventory for sale. Someone ready to buy a Ford Probe transmission used will benefit from the offerings here.

The auto alliance with Mazda helped created new vehicle nameplates although most of the technology was already being shared. There are 3 main types of transmissions that someone buying one used will encounter from most retailers. These are based on manual or automatic builds and are very different models.

4EAT-G, CD4E or G4AEL Probe Transmissions

The 1993 year was a special edition year for the Probe. Not only were sales higher in this year, a special transmission was paired up with a four-cylinder motor. The F4EAT gearbox was offered in the early 1990s as one alternative to the standard Mazda editions. Ford then switched to offering its CD4E for the next several years. The G4AEL was often paired with the turbo 2.2 four-cylinder motor during its use inside of the Probe.

Automatic or standard transmissions were the two main choices that car buyers had when selecting a Probe vehicle. For a person who is buying a unit used, it can be a little harder to find the manual edition units for sale at a good price. The 1993 to 1997 editions featured the stick-shift editions in the popular two-door platform.

Ford Probe Transmission Problems Solved

People who experienced an issue with hard shifting or when a unit actually turns off during driving had these issues solved. The overdrive problems could have been related to a bad variable speed sensor. The current for sale inventory at the PreownedTransmissions.com company showcases good condition units pulled direct from working Ford Probe cars. A free warranty is also granted to every buyer to create satisfaction during ownership.

Cheap Prices for Probe Used Transmissions

Nearly all production years for the Probe vehicles are represented in the promoted inventory on this website. The 1989, 1995, 1996 and 1997 years are some of the most common. The difference between retailers selling preowned automatic or manual transmissions that are swapped in a Probe is usually the retail price.

Preowned Transmissions takes into account the national average pricing and helps to offer discounts to consumers, body shops or car mechanics. A super fast inventory and price finder has been activated on this page to reveal the cheapest replacement Probe gearbox prices.