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GM 6T70 Transmission for Sale Used

The 6T70 automatic transmission is a co-venture by GM and Ford Motor Company in the United States. Each company agreed to produce several variations of 6-speed gearboxes that would be marketed with a range of vehicles. General Motors elected to produce its units in one of it main factories in the state of Michigan. A person needing to find a transverse mounted assembly can find the GM 6T70 transmission for sale at this website.

One of the very first vehicles to roll off of a production line at GM to hold the 6T70 gearbox was the Saturn Auria. This was offered during the 2007 year, but only with the models that featured the V6 engine. Pontiac and GMC were two additional subsidiaries that had the multi-clutch system assemblies installed. Every used 6T70 transmission promoted on this website is a pre-screened model.

Clutch-to-Clutch 6T70 Gearbox

The main selling point in the co-branded assemblies built by Ford and General Motors is the ability to include more than one gear ratio through different clutches. With a programmed hydraulic control module, changes can be made that will affect the usability of the units. The fuel savings that have been verified are proof that this clutch system has been beneficial for late model cars up to 315 horsepower.

When someone has the option of replacing a unit, the two main product types that are reviewed the most are used and rebuilt versions. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The cost of a 6T70 transmission rebuild is one of the things that keeps some people away from investing into a replacement edition. The PreownedTransmissions.com company provides only used models.

The gear ratio for the GM 6-speed automatic gearbox is 4.48, 2.87, 1.84, 1.41, 1.00, 0.74 and 2.88. This means that almost any combination of ratios can be performed at up to 7000RPMs. The casing is made from a die cast aluminum that protects the on and off solenoid packs on the internal wall. Buick, Chevy, Pontiac, Cadillac and Saturn 6T70 transmission inventory can be purchased here online.

Used Hydra-Matic 6-Speed Assemblies

Locating a retailer that has inventory in stock is just one of the processes needed to be completed when buying a transmission. The final selling price is always a topic of discussion for consumers. GM used automatic assemblies that are promoted here are fixed with a one-time price. Inside of this price, the cost of freight and a coverage warranty for components is included. Finding out this pricing is as easy as entering into the warehouse search database to find an exact match for a particular Chevy or subsidiary brand motor vehicle.