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GM 6T75 Transmission for Sale

GM built its 6T75 transmission used for the first time in 2007. As a co-manufacturing partnership with Ford, each company produces a variation of the 6-speed base model. This unit is from the hydra-matic family of gearboxes. It is identified with the M7V stamp. A used GM 6T75 transmission for sale is available here online.

Specs of the 6T75 Assembly

The original build is not an overdrive unit. A separate M7X was created for non-front-wheel drive automobiles. It is very common to find a 3.6-liter engine paired with the 6-gear tranny. The die-cast aluminum casing makes it easy for numerous shifter positions. There are a total of six solenoids for electronic controls.

The highest RPM that the 6T75 can accept is 5798. This is cut off to ensure that no burnout happens. One issue that people can have with a GM transmission is overheating. It is natural to add third-party coolers or other devices to prevent overheating from high torque.

Cars Using the 6T75 Gearbox

While first installed in Saturn SUVs, there are now other motor vehicles that benefit from the 6-speed design. The GMC Acadia, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave are late model automobiles. General Motors continues to develop better gearboxes for use in its fleet of vehicles.

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Buy Used 6T75 Automatic Assemblies

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