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J30A1 Transmission Sale

A J30A1 Honda engine will accept a four-speed automatic or 6-speed transmission. It is almost impossible to find the 5-speed versions that will fit. Anyone who has a Sixth Generation Accord, Acura CL or Odyssey has likely encountered issues trying to swap a gearbox. Right on this page, a J30A1 transmission that is compatible is for sale.

The import vehicle market changes from year to year. What is supported by Honda or aftermarket companies at one time can change with the next model. It is far too common to find mods and other performance upgrades for the older vehicles than it is for newer ones. Before you trying to swap a J30A1 USDM transmission, it helps to know the facts.

The auto transmission that comes stock with the J30A1 motor is not the most liked model. Even though it is a regular four-speed automatic, most drivers want more shifting options. Even the legacy of the J-Series blocks comes into question when so many people hate the base configuration.

Parts Warranties for Honda Gearboxes

PreownedTransmissions.com is a good source to find the older and late model Honda Motor Company components. The full assemblies are in stock through a number of dealers that we work with in the United States. The quality comes from having an established relationship with a junk yard or recycling center.

A warranty with a maximum term of 36 months is given to people ordering here. The used Accord transmissions and other models that people request are delivered swiftly. The mechanics of every auto transmission are checked for functionality. Few things in life can be much worse than a gearbox that fails suddenly.

No extra costs are incurred by the public for parts protection when an order for a used J30A1 transmission is made. If an issue happens, the costs are absorbed by the distributor that delivers the product to a confirmed address. Activation of the warranty is always necessary to get the full benefits.

Quotes for Honda Transmissions

Prices mean a lot to a person who is out to save some money. If paying a couple of hundred dollars less sounds good, submit a request for a price quote online. The factory database that is provided on this page is a good place to start. Without going into a lot of detail about your vehicle, a sticker price for in stock inventory is distributed.

For a person who wants to match the VIN or ask a question in detail, calling the toll-free support number is a good thing to do. In a matter of a minute or two, a helpful and courteous person handles all requests. Pay less money while shopping here. In most cases for a commercial delivery, shipping rates are absolutely free of charge.