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Used Manual Car Transmissions

Manual transmissions were always used in cars until the end of the 1970s when better technology was discovered. The hydraulic controls, springs and clutches that are found in a stick-shift assembly have been replaced by electric controls and magnets. While it is possible to buy manual car transmissions used, inventory is getting more difficult to find on the web. This resource provides what might be considered the best resource for manually operated gearboxes in the United States.

3-Speed or 4-Speed Assemblies

The 1960s through 1970s were a time period where most American auto companies were developing 3-speed gearboxes. The stick-shift was common to find on a column or bolted to the floorboard in nearly every vehicle produced. Before an overdrive gear was added, only 3 gears were needed to control the shift patterns in the average motor vehicle. The 1980s were a time of invention for a 4-speed assembly. Ford and GM both introduced overdrive gearboxes that are still in use today. Most overdrive gears are found in the electronic controlled assemblies.

The main components of a manual transmission are clutches, clutch plates, gaskets, springs, bearings and tuned gears. Because these are all machined parts, there is no guarantee that something will not go wrong. When someone has a problem with a stick-shift transmission, the real cause of the problem is usually lack of lubrication that leads to breaks in linkage and moving parts.

5-Speed or 6-Speed Gearboxes

Manual assemblies are still found in 5 and 6-speed versions. While these are offered mostly in sports cars and luxury vehicles, there are still many trucks and Jeep vehicles that supply stick-shift gearboxes to car owners. The extra gears have helped to keep the manual units alive in this decade. The installation with much larger motors has eased the stress placed on the gear ratios in smaller transmission types.

Honda, Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Porsche continue to support manufacturing of manual car transmissions for import automobiles. The trend in the United States has been towards automatic and continuously variable builds in the past decade. What this PreownedTransmissions.com website supplies to visitors is a trusted way to find out what a used manual car transmission costs in real time.

Prices for Used Standard Transmissions

Call it a stick-shift, manual, standard or clutch shifting system, but the name does not change the price offered here. The range of auto parts suppliers now integrated into the database of companies found here grows monthly. Every new partner means a lower price point and a greater distribution area.

Consumers who are interested in buying a replacement car transmission that is a manual type can find an exact price. The production year and the vehicle brand will be needed to sort through what inventory is in stock and shipping across the U.S.