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Mercury Cougar Transmission

The Cruise-O-Matic transmission was pretty popular in the Ford-Mercury brands throughout the 1970s. This automatic gearbox provided what other automakers could not provide in terms of smooth shifting. The cruising power of the V8 engines coupled with the sleek powertrain helped the Cougar to become a household name. The PreownedTransmissions.com company showcases low priced Mercury Cougar transmission inventory on this website.

The mid 1970s to 2002 series gearboxes are what can still be found in used condition. The editions used during this time period include the FMX or Cruise-O-Matic as well as the C4. The C6 was tested out in the Mercury brand after several successful years in Ford vehicles during the late 1970s. The changeover to using smaller engines required a modification to be made to the Mercury transmissions in use at the time.

Specs for Cougar Transmissions Online

Aside from the 1970s gearboxes, there were several other installations used up until the eight generation of vehicles were ceased in production. Ford started using Tremtec T5 gearboxes as a way to couple the Windsor engines with a manual transmission. This lead to differences in quality and the C5 and first edition automatic overdrive gearboxes were used heavily in the 1980s. While the specs are often very different, the three through five-speed editions are still quite common to find used.

The seventh generation gearboxes include the 4R70W. These editions were four-speed automatics that were borrowed from the Marquis, Crown Victoria and the Bronco among other brands. This was a deviation to the original AOD gearboxes that were now being phased out of Ford installations for the U.S. market. The MTX and CD43 were the final two assemblies installed by Ford in Cougar cars. Prices will always be different among retailers selling these editions.

Where to Purchase Transmissions for a Cougar

The compact, convertible and sport compact vehicle transmissions that are found on this website can be purchased without restrictions. There is a low price tag applied to each unit although this will not affect the expected quality. There are warranties always attached with the units that are positioned for a person to buy direct on this very website. What consumers should know before buying a preowned gearbox is price plus a warranty is always a good combination.

A toll-free number in the U.S. does exist for any purchaser to rely on when questions need answers. The entire history of the Mercury Cougar cannot be represented only on this page. The team of associates that are available by phone and who monitor the quotes system on this page do a great job. This means no confusion about prices or free shipping happens. The fastest way to getting a gearbox installed is buying from this company.