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Saturn MP7 Transmission Used

MP7 was used as the second automatic transmission option in Saturn automobiles. This unit was manufactured in 1991 and ceased production in 2002. It can be found paired up with the DOHC motors that were installed in the S-Series cars. By using the services on this website, a Saturn MP7 transmission can be purchased in used condition easily.

MP7 Gearbox Specs

The gear ratios were nearly identical in the MP6/7 versions. The 13-year production schedule is part of the reason that quality was established. The common ratio for gearing is the following:

2.50, 1.560, 1.030 and 0.700

The automobiles that depended on the four-speed gearboxes the most were the SW2, SC, SL2 and SC2 models. After the Saturn brand was discontinued in 2009, no further development was given to the MP7 assemblies.

Noted Problems With S-Series Gearboxes

Binding is one of the problems that can lead a person to believe that a rebuild is necessary. According to GM official documentation, there are ways to correct locked up assemblies. A unit that creeps while in neutral gear might have too little of clearance for the clutch. The hub of the gears might rub against the plate causing an issue.

Binding in reverse was another common complaint. This problem can be associated with bad input hub seals. Holes or cracks can appear in units that are deteriorated. This fix can be completed by a car owner or qualified mechanic in most cases. All inventory for sale here at PreownedTransmissions.com is free of such problems.

Saturn Automatic Gearboxes With a Warranty

Does mileage affect a gearbox? Yes, although not all parts that are high mileage are problematic. GM had very good warranty plans as part of its commitment to customers. In general, most assemblies that can be ordered through the secondary market are out of the warranty period. Buying on this portal gives someone the chance to save cash by getting a protection policy for free.

Cheap Transmission Swaps for S-Series Cars

In order to save the most money, a person would have to hire a rebuilder to redo the inner workings of a gearbox. The certified products that can be ordered here online are already in top condition. This does offer a person one good alternative when swapping out an MP7 in any compatible automobile. There is no need to purchase a repair kit in order to ensure proper functionality.

A quote in price for any of the pre-2002 gearboxes in the company inventory on this page is viewable at any time. There is no need to use RPO codes although these can be used for a final VIN match. A quotation already includes freight charges, warranty fees and other fees noted. Phone orders are accepted during regular business hours offline.