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NV5600 Transmission for Sale

Dodge trucks used the NV5600 6-speed transmission starting in 1998. It was for sale mostly with the Cummins engine, but other blocks were used too. The design is a manual design meaning that it does not feature automatic controls. It was the primary shifter in ¾ ton and one-ton pickup trucks. Get your NV5600 transmission for sale and cut out the middleman here.

For freight purposes, a person who is trying to estimate what delivery might cost will want to know the weight of the NV5600. The dry weight is about 360 pounds. This would not include the crate and wrapping that is required when a gearbox is shipped. This is good data to keep in mind if you will follow through with buying a used model.

New Venture Gear is the company that built the five-speed and six-speed assemblies found in Dodge pickup trucks. A lot of the installations at Chrysler were dependent on the NVG products. What someone would like to know is how reliable the manual controls are before dropping a build into a vehicle.

In simple terminology, people get our of a gearbox what they put into it. If you do good maintenance, the risk of problems is minimal. People who do not change oil, burn out clutches and abuse the assembly will have the most issues. PreownedTransmissions.com ensures that its products meet quality standards.

What comes from a junk yard does not have to be low quality. Picking and choosing is how quality is built over time. We can and do refuse some builds that we come across. When you are trying to fix your 2500 or 3500 pickup, the first thing you do is test for transmission functionality.

On this website, we give full details of what you can find. We list what our warehouse has and what you pay to own our products. All of this has been automated with the computer on this page. In one or two clicks, you can get all the information you need to buy a used NV5600 transmission online. If you are in doubt, you can also call our specialists for help.