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Honda is the primary manufacturer of its own transmissions used in the U.S. and Japan. The technology that these assemblies offer to vehicle owners is one reason for the continued vehicle success achieved each year. The naming of each gearbox is different with each Honda creation. The development from 1973 to the current year is featured on this Preowned Transmissions company resource. The fastest way to purchase Honda engines is offered here online.

The range of gearboxes built for classic and late model Honda motor vehicles includes two, three, four, five and six-speed gearing. Most of the early Honda imports that were used in the U.S. market featured the two and three-speed automatic transmissions. Like other automakers, Honda relies on dual manufacturing to change up the gear ratios for each transmission. The automatic, manual and new CVT technology are currently used. Buying from a reliable transmissions dealer can help uncover the best discounts.

Automatic, Manual and Continuously Variable Transmissions

Honda uses its technologically advanced engineering to produce parts that are meant to last a long time. The more than 40 years of engineering in the U.S. and foreign facilities has helped perfect each assembly used. The torque converter and non-torque driven transmissions by Honda are presented using this resource. The different transmission code numbers and other details about each gearbox is offered with each match inside our database.

Vehicles such as the Civic, Odyssey, Accord, RSX, Acura, Prelude, Del Sol and other brands in the Honda inventory have helped introduce different gearbox technologies.

Both mechanical and electronic modules have been used to support the gear ranges compatible with Honda motors. What can be found through this secondary market resource are OEM builds. This means that all imported transmissions are evaluated before entry into this website inventory. Keeping the tradition alive with trusted units is how reputations are concreted in the second hand auto industry.

How to Purchase Honda Transmissions Online

All purchases start here with a quote in price. The inventory that is found inside the company network of dealers is ready for all United States orders. The free shipping program that is setup for each buyer is part of the incentives found here. The low price match guarantee assures that any quote offered here is likely the lowest found through a used transmissions dealer. The advantage of quoting engines online saves times as well as research efforts.

Calling the toll-free number supplied on this website connects each buyer with a specialist. This is essential for researching Honda transmission codes or other information to help process a sale. Using the Preowned Transmissions company resource presented here is one useful option in the automotive industry.