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Purchase Oldsmobile Transmissions

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The history of Oldsmobile in the United States auto industry stretches back to 1897. One unique feature about this auto company is that it only produced its own engines. Most of the additional parts that were used were direct from General Motors builds for other vehicles like Pontiac and Chevrolet. The gearboxes that are available for Oldsmobile vehicles are the same Chevrolet manual and automatic editions found in the GM inventory. This resource provides a simple way to purchase Oldsmobile transmissions for an excellent sale price.

There were variations of gearboxes that were used in the Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac divisions of General Motors. Some of the common builds are not automatic transmissions. There were plenty of manual edition units that were placed inside of now classic Oldsmobile cars. The 4T65E was a late model electronic module transmission that was a four-speed automatic unit. These were paired with the Oldsmobile 88 vehicles as well as other units. The 4T80E was one of the final builds that were used inside of the Oldsmobile when it was retired in 2004.

Used Oldsmobile Transmissions: Manual or Automatic

Small edition builds available also includes the 4T60E, 125C, 250 and 400. There were some turbo hydra-matic builds that were used in the early 1980s before the introduction of the automatic builds. Most of the transmissions used between 1960 and 1980 were stick shift units. These were often built in three and four-speed builds before the electronic modules were introduced. The used automatic Oldsmobile transmissions found here for sale are all warranted against breakage. Visual inspections have been conducted to assure all buyers that quality will remain high after purchase.

This assortment online of replacement gearboxes is one of the largest in the U.S. A long list of suppliers are now in use to provide the actual fulfillment services that are offered after purchase. What buyers appreciate in a replacement transmission is the purchase price, quality and any warranty protection that is offered. Each OEM built Oldsmobile gearbox found using this resource provides above average quality. These units for sale are coupled with the no charge warranties that offer extended coverage for a 24-month time period. To seal the deal free shipping is also included.

How to Purchase Oldsmobile Transmissions

The defunct Oldsmobile vehicles that were once prominent in the United States can be harder to find. Owners of these vehicles seeking online assistance for transmission help can utilize the inventory provided here. The low prices that are fixed with each gearbox for sale are constantly updated. An approximate price quote is offered to any user of this website. Any person researching or comparison transmission costs between dealers can request a quote on this page. A toll-free phone number is included as an optional information source. Buying a used condition stick shift or automatic Oldsmobile transmission is error-free at the Preowned Transmissions company.