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S10 Transmission for Blazer

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S10 Blazer was the answer to the S10 trucks series only in a four-wheel drive design. This SUV was produced by GM from 1983 until the 2005 year. There were more than one transmission type used for the production of the Blazer series. PreownedTransmissions.com currently provides an expanding inventory to find an S10 transmission for Blazer SUVs online.

The base level gearbox in the 1980s was the popular 700R4 automatic. This was one of the first truly automatic designs introduced by General Motors. This design eventually turned into the 4L60 in the 1990s although each build is nearly identical. Any person who is researching what transmissions fit into a Chevy S10 Blazer will be happy to know about the compatibility.

S10 Blazer Transmission: Vintage or Late Model

Just like body designs, GM usually changes transmission types every few years. The S10 Blazer has had its share of different gearbox designs. The vintage 700R4 and then late model 4L60E provide the full spectrum of units that have been used in this vehicle brand. The Trailblazer eventually replaced the S10 series of trucks and SUVs although the transmissions did not change. Preowned Transmissions is one top source to find used gearboxes that are always in stock.

How long is a warranty good for? There are hundreds of used GM parts sellers in the U.S. What can separate good from bad is the term of warranty supplied. A transmission has hundreds of delicate parts. These parts degrade easily over time. It is always best to find a dealer capable of warranting as many parts as possible. The programs for warranty coverage here are extended plans that are included for free.

How to Buy an S10 Transmission for Blazer

A quote in price is the first step. A successful purchase is possible using the tools available here. Every request must go through the customer service department. There is an automated way to find pricing without calling by phone. The quotes tool that is posted for use on this website is a powerful tool. A quick request made through this system instantly presents the most up to date price structures in place.

A person who prefers to call customer service can do so toll-free. The national phone support provided here is top notch. There are hundreds of people who are just price checking. It is OK to find out what one dealer charges versus another. Every quote generated by phone also includes complete access to support staff. Questions about deliveries, mileage or other details can easily be asked by phone.