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T18A Transmission for Sale

The T18A is a Borg Warner transmission found for sale in Ford and Jeep vehicles. Some motor vehicles from International also used this assembly. It was built for installations into ¾ ton up to one-ton vehicles. It weighs about 145 pounds when it is completely dry. You can buy a T18A transmission for sale when using this auto parts website.

The housings that were designed in the 1960s were cast iron. The ‘A’ in the part number lets you know this is the aluminum housing. It is much lighter and can be removed easier. The installations in Jeep vehicles were due to the top shift design.

Four-Speed Manual T18A

People who do not know about the stick shift or manual shift assemblies are missing out. Long before the usage of electronics, coils and springs were the primary parts found in transmissions. Since these parts only relied upon hydraulic fluid, they were easier to maintain. Vehicles that worked better with a four-speed manual were fitted with the T18 Borg Warner builds.

PreownedTransmissions.com arranges its pricing based on the condition of the second hand inventory. We are constantly in connection with junk yards. The orders that come through our website are submitted by mobile phones and standard computers. What you can locate using this page is a fully functional PTO compatible assembly.

Used T18A Transmissions

A warranty policy is what makes our products even better. We know that even under the best circumstances that parts can degrade. We try to cover everything that is essential in one of the builds we provide. We almost cover all parts that are factory installed as OEM. You are never buying a shoddy unit when you come to this website.

We calculate a price based on what we determine as the age of the gearbox. We couple this with our wholesale price. What we come up with is the final MSRP. All discounts that are applied are viewed once the price quote is administered. We let you know about mileage and if the unit has been steam cleaned.

Use us to pay the least amount possible for a used T18A manual transmission online. We guarantee the product as well as the speed of shipment. You are dealing with a proven and financially sound company. Never pay high sticker prices like what you find at auction companies or directory portals again. Now you know the secrets.