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TH325-4L Transmission for Sale

Th GM TH325-4L transmission is actually a 4-speed model used in most Buick and Cadillac vehicles made between 1982 and 1985. This gearbox is unique because it is the upgrade to the regular TH325 edition introduced in the 1970s. The difference between the two versions is the installation of the overdrive system in the 4L model. Someone using this portal to find a TH325-4L transmission for sale will never pay full retail prices.

What makes the early TH gearboxes so popular is the ability to modify them without a huge investment. Most of the changes that can be made include changing out to a better grade of oil and changing the size of the pan. The burn off of fluid goes at a slower pace when a synthetic is used compared to original organic based oils. The Riviera, Toronado, Eldorado and Seville each featured an overdrive version of the 3-speed TH325-4L.

TH325-4L Gear Ratio

The final drive ratio was normally 2:19:1 for the 325 4-speed. This is very similar to the regular edition although the overdrive was controlled through a computer system. A person who is putting together an upgrade kit might need to know the ratios for first, second, third and fourth gears. The GM factory specs can be helpful to review when validating this information.

When buying any used condition automatic transmission, an important item to not overlook is the warranty for parts. Many people get trapped into buying at an auction website and do not take the time to inquire about OEM parts. Since most used TH transmissions from GM are out of warranty, it takes a special policy to be able to provide coverage for the internal or external parts.

Not all domestic gearboxes that are available through second hand sources include any form of extra parts coverage. The PreownedTransmissions.com company is one of the only businesses operating on the Internet that provides a free warranty plan. While this plan does change from time to time, most if not all original components are covered against failures.

Used Turbo-Hydramatic 325-4L Assembly

Swapping out a high mileage transmission for one that is lower and has a better external condition is a good move. When it comes to choosing a retailer to provide a better experience, some people are out of luck due to supply and demand. Anything that is promoted on this website can be purchased at the touch of a button. If something is not listed, a call right to the customer service department can help double check inventory control numbers.

The growing inventory of early 1980s General Motors gearboxes that are certified second hand editions at this website grows monthly. Thanks in part to auto industry dismantlers and junk yards, there is always a supply of classic car transmissions for sale.