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TH400 for Sale

The TH400 is a GM transmission used for decades in multiple vehicles. It is for sale on this website at a good price. We are experts in acquiring older components for American made automobiles. You can buy a TH400 for sale using the check procedure that consumers follow on this website. PreownedTransmissions.com has used products.

The TH (turbo-hydramatic) series gearboxes were built in the 1960s. These feature a cast iron housing that protects the components inside. A consumer swapping one of these units might be surprised at how much one weighs. There are only three gears. This is unlike the massive shift models that are produced in modern engineering.

Compatibility is one issue that people never have when changing out a TH400 transmission. General Motors made it easy to put behind all sizes of motors. Everything from an I4 to a V8 and in between has used the 3-speed automatic at some point. The only exception is the gross vehicle weight. Cars that weigh less than 8000 pounds can use the TH series.

You can install the THM400 inside of the following brands:


All of what you can order on this website is in second hand condition. We achieve a better price by making deals with scrap yards in the United States. As older motor vehicles are parted out, we are first in line to take out the gearbox. We have these inspected by an experienced person.

When things are judged ready to sell, inventory is taken into our warehouse. We then post things on our website that consumers can order. It is a pretty simple process to understand. In terms of a warranty plan, all people who use us a supplier get free coverage. This is just our way of saying thanks for keeping us in business.

We programmed our new tool to display all MSRP and discounts to you here. Use this quote system if you want to place your order or just check our pricing. You are not obligated to follow through with anything. Input the year of your automobile and we also ask for your engine size. This is just enough data for us to figure out your customized price.

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We offer a phone line to assist buyers in the U.S. and Canada. The number is toll-free. We accept calls for service or inquiries seven days every week. We put people first who are looking for a used Chevrolet transmission. Never take risks when ordering vintage vehicle components. Buy OEM and you will save money.