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Torqueflite 8 Transmission

Chrysler has had great success with its Torqueflite gearboxes over the past several decades. While the technology is top notch, additional manufacturer additions have helped to perfect Chrysler powertrain parts. The ZF 8HP or Torqueflite 8 transmission is one of the most common components in new Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles in the U.S. Locating these in preowned condition is easy using this website.

The ZF series 8-speed configuration was originally meant for inclusion in the BMW V12 series. While these gearboxes were built primarily in Europe, Chrysler licensed the technology for implementation into its American based vehicles. A new vehicle parts manufacturing plant was built to create 8HP gearboxes that would be known simply as Torqueflite 8 transmissions in the USA. This change in 2013 has improved the stability of the drive train inside of trucks, luxury and performance vehicles.

What Vehicles Use ZF Transmissions?

In the Chrysler lineup, there are several new vehicles that have been in production for the past few years that use the ZF technology. The automatic nature of the 8-gear systems has made these a perfect match for the Ram 1500 3.6 and 3.0 series motors. A larger V8 edition known as the 5.7 motor makes use of the Torqueflite 8 gearbox technologies. A decision on whether to install these in the Jeep Wrangler series is ongoing.

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the new builds that make use of the ZF gearboxes. While the Grand Cherokee uses the 8-speed editions, there are different versions now being used. The 845RE and the 8HP70 are two variations of the technology co-branded by Chrysler. The Challenger, Durango and the Charger have all used ZF gearboxes for the last few years to offer more options to car owners who want something more than a standard 5-speed.

Are There Problems with Torqueflite Transmissions?

Some truck and performance car owners have not warmed up to the shift on the fly technologies used in the 8-speed editions. The goal behind these gearboxes is to save on fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions. Some units have a trans rotary shifter that could go bad as well as other elements that could slip. A person who is already searching for a way to replace a defective Ram 1500 or other 8HP70 gearbox should evaluate a preowned edition to save money.

Where to Purchase Used Chrysler Transmissions Online

One of the first digital location tools to find used automotive transmissions has been on this website since 2013. This national finder groups providers in all 50 states together. What is featured in the search results is a full explanation of the mileage on each unit as well as the automatic or manual description. An approximate price is provided for every consumer who uses the PreownedTransmissions.com website.