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Used Transmission for Chevy Cobalt On Sale

The 4T45 is an automatic transmission used in the Chevy Cobalt car. It is for sale to any buyer using this website. The 2.0 and 2.4 motor assemblies were connected to the four-speed gearbox. It is a very common setup in modern day passenger cars at GM. Someone researching online for a used transmission for a Chevy Cobalt can shop here. Pay a cheap price for a quality product.

Cobalt Gearbox History

The automatic is not the only build GM used with Cobalt. A manual assembly from Getrag and an F35 assembly built by Saab were available. The SS versions were the ones that had the manual units as an option. People who appreciate the turbocharged engine likely selected the alternative transmission type. Dealerships made this selection available to people in the USA and Canada.

Our salvage industry makes it possible to order a Cobalt 2.0 transmission for sale. The best dealers across North America are part of our family. Even though General Motors discontinued some of its brands, you can still find parts in scrap yards. The condition and build quality remain well above average.

Warranty for Cobalt Transmissions

Does your current dealer cover three years of parts? Most do not. PreownedTransmissions.com current leads the secondary industry in sales and customer satisfaction for this reason. We are right up there with the standard term for a rebuilt assembly. It is hard enough to remove the 4T45 in a Cobalt without having to think about parts not being protected.

The average car owner is without a way to reduce the expenses for replacement motors and gearboxes. These two types of repairs are common but cost a lot. The internal gears, housing and many of the delicate parts that break on used models are covered. Our policies can be explored in detail if someone is interested in reviewing one. Our own inventory or something we procure from another location carries the very same policy.

Buy Cobalt Transmission Online

The 2005, 2006, 2009 and other makes are what we support. Getting to know one of our employees means you have a friend for life. We do not employ rude or unfriendly people to work our phone lines. Every person is a trained GM parts expert. Stock numbers and mileage are two things that we include with all price quotes.

You can look at our sale pricing by remaining on this site. Go over to our programmed quote application and input your automobile year. You can match up the engine size and then input your data. We prepare a quote that includes a special code number. This is what you will give us once you have decided to order. That is really easy.