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U140E Transmission for Sale

Toyota built its U140E transmission and offered it for sale in a range of cars and SUVs. This model was exclusively built for use with 6-cylinder motors. It does feature electronics inside like most modern day assemblies. PreownedTransmissions.com has a used U140E transmission for sale along with a fair price here.

History of the U140E

Toyota built this model in the year 1999. It was installed as the main gearbox inside of Lexus vehicles. Anything in the lineup that used a motor bigger than a standard I4 was considered for the U140E assembly. Once success and a reputation were built, further installations were scheduled.

The final year that the automatic U-series was used was 2004. Production moved on to newer assemblies that were able to reach a larger public demographic. One thing to keep in mind when exploring the history of this gearbox is the consumer reputation. There are not very many unhappy people who are still using this component.

Compatible Cars List

The RX and ES from Lexus in the 300 series will forever be synonymous with the U140E gearbox. Other vehicles shared a similar story. The Camry and Highlander were two other additional best sellers at Toyota. The electronic solenoids and other switches inside were not flawed like with rival automaker inventory.

You will not run into installation problems if you follow all factory guidelines. Even if you are not a certified mechanic, the assembly itself is kind of small and can be pulled out of your vehicle. If you shop with our company, you get a guarantee that what you place on order will fit perfectly or you get your money back.

Prices for Used Toyota Transmissions

We retail more than just the U-series. Anything built after 1982 you can find in our warehouse. What you see on this page is a preowned model. To a savvy person, this identifies a second hand component. Junk yards and other resources are that companies that we outsource products from in the USA.

A quote in price should be initiated here online. You are assigned a number. This is the number you are asked for when processing over the phone. Let our team know if you want validation of mileage before you buy. Your price is specific to you. Upon a successful transaction, you will receive a long-term plan of warranty coverage and free freight to a commercial address.