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The Ultimate guide to Vidmate’s free movie and music streaming

Just watched a video on Facebook that you’d want to download on your smart phone and share it with your friends on WhatsApp?  Vidmate offers you exactly what you have been looking for! One of the coolest applications, Vidmate offers you smooth download of 1000+ videos, audio files, and movies. It even allows buffer free Live TV watching a great experience. In the guide below we will be taking you through the best features of Vidmate, read on to know more on Vidmate.

The Ultimate guide to Vidmate’s free movie and music streaming

Vidmate offers a very new kind of experience; its interface is impeccable and very different from other similar applications. The menu is designed keeping in mind the user friendly preference. The navigation is quick and hence it becomes easier for anyone to become familiar with the application’s features. For a quick look into how the interface of Vidmate works, here is a quick guide which will walk you through its various characteristics.

How to download video:

  1. Open your favourite video, you can either open it on Vidmate installed on your smart phone or even go to the original URL of the video’s site on the internet browser.
  2. Once the choice of various formats of your favourite video appears on Vidmate’s interface, press the round button located on right hand side bottom.
  3. You can choose to download the configuration that suits your requirements. The size of the video format will also be displayed. So this helps in understanding how much space the file is going to occupy in your smart phone. Check Out: Showbox for iPhone
  4. Press the download tab and you are ready to watch and share the video.

How to verify download status:

  1. The notification tray in your smart phone will show a down arrow that will keep blinking till the download has finished.
  2. The notification will also show size, speed and percent of video is being downloaded in your device.
  3. If the internet has stopped working in between the download, there is nothing to worry as it will resume from the point where it had stopped, once the internet resumes.
  4. The downloaded videos are also accessible in the “Downloaded: tab within the Vidmate interface.
  5. The download icon in the app is located in the right hand side top corner.

How to access downloaded content:

  1. The video that you have downloaded using Vidmate is available to watch either in the pre-installed video player app in your smart phone or you can simple open the Vidmate app go to the downloaded files section located at the top right corner in the application’s interface.
  2. Open the video, audio file or movie you want to watch.
  3. Once you have selected the option the file will function normally on your smart phone.

How to save private/explicit content:

There may be content that you would like to watch in private and keep your kids safe from such content. Also, such content is very easy to access for anyone who knows to operate your smart phone. Vidmate app comes with security features that help you protect these files and content. Here is what you need to do to safeguard this content:

  1. In the Vidmate app, the downloaded files are saved in the download section of the main menu.
  2. Click on the file that you want to safeguard, there will be a “Private space” option.
  3. Tap on this option and lock it through a pass code.
  4. You can perform this on multiple files at one go.

The features, specifications, and user friendly interface that Vidmate offers makes it more complacent than any other similar applications.  The Vidmate application can easily be installed on Android phones, iPhones, PC and Mac too. The application makes watching movies and Live TV a smooth experience. Vidmate is truly an amazing application for all age groups.