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Used 30RH Transmission for Sale

The 30RH is the renamed A904 transmission found for sale in Chrysler vehicles. It was used in the Cherokee and Wrangler exclusively. There are only three gears to be concerned with while shifting. This made it easier on the driver and less complicated to work on for mechanics. Cut out the middle man and get a used 30RH transmission for sale ultra cheap here.

30RH Automatic Shift Specs

The renaming took place at Chrysler in the year 1992. Most people go to know the technology in the 30RH gearbox because of the A904 Torqueflite. While the automatic three-gear became famous in 1984, it was not marketed as the renamed edition until the late 1990s. Production ceased in 1996 because of higher gear models available.

The Mopar ATF fluid is the only type that is recommended for use. Changing out the oil is one way that gears are kept in good shape. Draining the pain and getting all of the metal shavings and other things out makes the 30RH last even longer. This general maintenance routine is a preferred prevention strategy.

Rebuilt Versus Used Chrysler Transmission

The global debate will probably go on forever between used and reman. Half of the people that you ask swear by one type and different people love the other versions. The true point that people can forget about is mileage determinations. No one erases the mileage or use from the housing of the gearbox.

Reman as well as used 30RH transmissions from Chrysler carry the same wear patterns. Parts start to go bad and changes can be made. What splits the two from being similar is how they were used by a previous owner. No use or abuse can be wiped out unless all components have been examined and changed.

Buy Automatic Three-Gear Assemblies

You get full warranty terms when you place orders here. The inclusion of the plan is a real bonus to the average person. Instead of buying on an auction website, a team that cares about you will process your order. Our team knows that mechanics and other people depend on what we have in stock. Everyone wants the units to last for another 100,000 miles.

Pricing comes from our internal computer tool. You get access on this website to it. Just let us know the year of your Jeep vehicle. We match the engine size. What we do next is tell you the mileage. If you are OK with the details, then you are given a button to click on to order. It is simple for mobile phone users and standard PC users to complete. The toll-free ordering number we use is also good for customer service.