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Used 40TE Transmission

Chrysler updated its gearboxes in 2004 with the production of the 40TE transmission. Originally based on the 41TE design, the new models were only fitted into Chrysler or Dodge vehicles. This was actually a lower cost way of creating new technology for upgrading the shift mechanism. When swapping a used 40TE transmission, paying the lowest price possible is easy using this website to buy.

One way to tell a 41TE or a 40TE gearbox apart is by counting the clutch plates. Since the design is the same, what is different is the shortage of plates and discs in the 40TE. While technology was updated, these units were cheaper to build for sedan and minivan vehicles. Going back to the A604, a person can find a lot of similarities in the late model versions of the four-speed gearboxes by Chrysler.

Vehicles Using Chrysler 40TE Transmissions

Instead of mass production in other decades, Chrysler kept a small amount of its inventory for testing the four-speed electronically controlled 40TE. The PT Cruiser, Status, Neon, Sebring and Caravan were the only vehicles that received the new update in 2004. The PT Cruiser was fitted until 2010 while most vehicles changed units to the 42LE in 2006.

The four-cylinder engine has been a big part of the sedan and coupe vehicle production at Chrysler. The four-speed transmission is almost always found paired with this engine type. Differences between the older gearboxes and newer designs were usually the housing and the alternative valve bodies. Completing a gearbox swap for any automatic Chrysler transmission is not that difficult.

40TE Transmission Problems

Like with any automaker gearbox, there are lot of manual and electronic parts that can fail. The 40TE has a throttle position sensor, TCM, auto stick sensor circuit and an MS solenoid circuit. While no recalls have been made public for these components, someone buying a used gearbox should be aware of potential failures of parts.

Every PreownedTransmissions.com company unit that is presented and sold to the public here has been reviewed for condition. What this means to a buyer is that no surprises will prevent proper gearbox operations. Because diagnostic testing is a big part of the second hand parts business, ensuring that a person gets what he or she paid for is critical.

Buy Affordable 40TE Four-Speed Gearboxes

Price is a big factor when someone compares two dealers. Because one dealer might be charging for shipping costs, saving a few extra dollars could mean that someone will choose another company. The price levels that are found while exploring the tools on this website will make consumers happy. A sale price should be a sale price. There are no MSRP sticker prices here.

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