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Used 440T4 Transmission

In 1985, General Motors started updating its turbo-hydramatic series gearboxes for installation into a new fleet of vehicles. The all-new transaxle design did not include many of the earlier parts used in the 125 series. A person who cannot find a classic transmission for sale online, can use this resource to locate a used 440T4 transmission that is rated with lower than average mileage.

The groundwork for the THM440T4 was first made in the Buick and Oldsmobile lineup. GM started to have success using technology that differed from what the 125 turbo-hydramatic offered. Before electronic controls were invented in the early 1990s, all communication with the servo motor took place using a single cable. Most FWD automatic 4-speed transmissions created during this time featured this groundbreaking technology.

Tested 440T4 Transverse Transmission Parts

In order to call a gearbox complete, retailers must sell a pulled version from a working vehicle. No types of modifications can be made to ensure that these units are fully OEM editions. Because the 440T4 is not being actively produced, finding one of these in good condition and in original condition is still a challenge. Every TH gearbox promoted on this PreownedTransmissions.com website features tested parts.

The complete sprag assembly, sprockets, oil dam, sun gear, clutch pressure switch, gaskets, o-rings and valve bodies have been inspected. Since the 4T60 took the place of the 440T4 in 1993, making certain that each gearbox has an untouched gear ratio is important. The warranted units for sale here do provide reliable torque and shifting just like GM intended when the 440T4 automatic was built.

Where to Buy Preowned 440T4 GM Transmissions

Sale prices can be located while using this resource for almost all GM gearboxes created since 1970. Locating units with a proper bell housing is important to all car buyers. The search tool that is promoted on this resource does all of the hard work for a person. Any of the cars from 1985 to 1992 that used the 440T4 gearbox can be selected from the search finder on this page.

Once a vehicle is selected, the year must coincide with the time frame when the pre-4T60 transmissions were used. Once a match is found in the computer system, a direct sale price is then offered to consumers on this website. A complete transmission package includes a warranty, free shipments in the U.S. and a super fast delivery time frame. This is meant to earn the business of any purchaser of classic transmissions online.