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Used 44RE Transmission

The 44RE transmission was produced by Dodge used in SUV and pickup trucks. Based on the A500 platform, the electronic controlled 4-speed was a primary gearbox. It was made popular in the mid 1990s and can still be found on the second hand market. People who browse inventory on sale here can buy a used 44RE transmission cheaply.

TorqueFlite Automatic Assembly

The specs changed often for Chrysler components. The push towards overcoming Ford and Chevrolet competition sparked better development. The overhaul of the TorqueFlite gearboxes was one of the changes that were made. The difference in the ‘RE’ series versus earlier models is the electronic controls.

A speed governor is the magic behind the Dodge 44RE transmission. An overdrive gear was added to fourth gear to provide the highest torque possible. Both PCM and TCC controls are found on all OEM editions. The opening and closing of switches is performed with a solenoid pack.

In 1996, Chrysler started using the modified 44RE inside of Jeep vehicles. A lot of data was collected about what consumers liked and what they did not. Modifications have always been a part of the gearbox manufacturing process. The hydraulic controlled torque converter is started on automatic assemblies.

Certified Dodge Gearboxes

How can you tell if a transmission is a good buy? There are several methods buyers use to understand the value in a second hand auto part. Checking for leaks is hard when only looking at a photograph. Consumers depend on retailers to provide accurate information. Merely publishing stock specs of components does not inform the public about current condition.

PreownedTransmissions.com is a top web resource to evaluate and buy replacement four-gear assemblies. Every component has been tested and is numerically graded. The rust factor is always one issue that auto owners must overcome. It is hard to find a completely clean assembly, but there are cleaner ones in stock.

The 44RE fits into the Dakota, Grand Cherokee and and Durango vehicles. No modifications are needed for an accurate drop in.

Buy 44RE Dodge Transmissions Here

It takes too much free time to go through junk yards to find the best products. Our team has already performed 90 percent of the work for adults. With arrangements through interchange networks, a consistent supply of used automatic gearboxes for Chrysler based vehicles is available. All price calculations here are performed through a quote system.

What fluid does a 44RE take? Mopar ATF plus is the recommended type. All units are shipped dry and must have fluids added during a swap. Call our customer service department to arrange a shipment or ask about mileage. All staff members are helpful. We are ready to give out the lowest MSRP price online.