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Used 4L80E Transmission

The history of General Motors transmissions continues to evolve in the 21st century. The classic TH technology has been revamped into electronically powered transmission assemblies. One of the strongest models built during the 1991 year is the 4L series. Someone who is ready to buy a used 4L80E transmission online will appreciate the inventory in stock and shipping nationally at this PreownedTransmissions.com website.

What the E Means in a GM Transmission

The early 1990s development was not all based on technology. General Motors needed a way to classify its engines and transmissions because so many were borrowed from subsidiary brands. The naming of the electronic powered gearboxes made it easier to distinguish a regular model from an electronic one. The “e” means that a gearbox is torque powered unit.

The 4L80E is known as an M1 design. The torque ratio contributes to strength of the axle in the GMT400 body design. More than 440 pounds of torque are offered in the 1991 to 2006 editions of of the 4L series transmissions. Installations across most GM trucks and SUVs did popularize the M1 series in the public domain.

How Many Gears are in a 4L80E Transmission?

There are 4 primary gears in the 4L80 electronic torque controlled units. The design is known as a longitudinal style although the 4L85-E did replace the regular unit. While there were still 4 gears, GM started to make plans for a 6-speed edition that would later be known as the 6L80E edition.

Vehicles apart from the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe that have used the four-speed units include Hummer, Jaguar, Savana, Bentley and Aston Martin. General Motors and its subsidiaries placed great value in the production and marketing of its heavy-duty transmission builds.

Known 4L80E Transmission Problems

There have been known issues reported by some vehicle owners with the electronic gearboxes GM has produced. Issues that involve bad solenoids, lack of overdrive and no reverse shifting have plagued some truck and sport utility vehicle owners. All second hand transmission inventory at the PreownedTransmissions.com website has been picked out by hand and certified in good condition.

Used 4L80E Transmission Cost Online

A person who has already lost fourth gear, burned out a solenoid or needs to drop a GM transmission will easily find prices on this web portal. One of the best sources to find secondary market inventory exists right on this page. The digital finder requires a year and a make to present gearboxes that are ready to ship.