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Used 4R100 Transmission

Ford used its 4R100 transmission during the production years of 1999 to 2003. A person can find many heavy-duty trucks using this automatic gearbox. The rear-wheel drive power of this unit was known to be paired with the larger diesel stroke motors. Someone who will buy a used 4R100 transmission can find shippable inventory while using this website on the Internet.

Ford Motor Company build the 4R100 to be compatible with its 2WD and 4WD pickup trucks. This unit is what is known as a computer controlled assembly. There are 4 forward gears with a reverse gear that is geared slightly high. Owners of a Super Duty truck in F250 series or larger will often find the 4R100 installed in place of the E4OD.

History of the 4R100 Gearbox

Ford started updating its entire fleet of engines and transmissions after the 1998 year. To capitalize on the success of the F-Series, the 7.3 diesel motors needed a better gearbox apart from the overdrive E4OD. The famed C6 design provided the entire foundation for the building of 4-speed automatic 4R100. There is only a slight difference between the older and newer gearbox technologies.

A speed sensor found in the rear of the assembly can identify whether an E4OD or 4R100 assembly is needed. The newer edition includes the speed sensor on the top on the housing. The late model Ford gearboxes are becoming more in demand on the secondary market. These can be found as second hand editions or ones that have been rebuilt by a factory builder.

F-Series 4R100 Transmissions

While ease of availability has fueled consumer demand in Ford transmissions, every build is not without some type of caution for buyers. The clutch plate can be prone to hot spots that is a result of overheating in the assembly. While rebuilders can install a cooling system, not every used condition unit has been inspected. Each piece of inventory at the PreownedTransmissions.com website has been overviewed by a professional.

What this provides is a guarantee that condition is as expected. Even though most 4R100 transmissions have over 50,000 miles on then, it is still a good cost cutter to buy one as used. There is a lot of life still available in a second hand gearbox. A complete torque converter and validation of the overdrive gearing is standard on each model up for sale.

Buy Ford 4R100 Truck Transmission Assemblies

A person using this website as an immediate price research tool will easily benefit. Because it only takes a year or model of a Ford truck to obtain pricing, the easy method of searching here for pricing is unmatched nationally. Getting a clear price in one click is a lot easier than waiting 3 days for an automatic transmission quote. A toll-free phone number is supplied if there are questions that need to be answered.