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Used 4R75E Transmission On Sale Best Price

Ford changed its transmissions in 2004 by adding the 4R75E. This assembly gained popularity for its usage in F150 trucks. As a variant of the overdrive assemblies, the new 4R units were eventually terminated by 2008. There are many differences in the parts found in the late model gearboxes. Anyone shopping here can find a used 4R75E transmission on sale.

4-Speed Automatic Ford

A sensor to control speed is the main difference with the 4R75 gearboxes. The ‘W’ series did not have this electronic control installed. This VSS (variable speed sensor) helped perform shifting better at higher speeds. With an improved oil pan, more fluid was readily available.

There are aftermarket mods that can helped the 75E perform better. Some people add a different oil pan while others install cooling systems. With any modern gearbox, the threat of overheating is always possible. Consumers can feel safe buying the replacement Ford transmissions found here.

The official specs state that only Mercon V AFT fluid should be added to the electronic gearboxes. Although the units are rear-wheel drive, they will need routine maintenance. Service shops and auto owners can perform basic oil changes in the pan.

Triton Truck Compatible

The 5.4-liter three-valve V8 was usually installed to function with the overdrive assemblies. People who are swapping for the first time can wonder if compatibility issues exist. PreownedTransmissions.com has suppliers that perform adequate tests to validate consistency. This improves quality control.

Apart from the F-Series trucks, police cars and other automobiles have been fitted with the 4R75E gearbox. To make sure that no problems happen during an install, cross referencing a VIN number is best. This can be conducted using the tools available right on this website.

Buy Used Automatic Transmissions

Getting a fair price tag for preowned automotive parts can be tough. Some retailers participate in price inflation and other strategies. What is priced on this website is already discounted. No person will have to spend any time haggling for a deal. Mileage and other factors can be taken into consideration when prices are quoted.

Someone not using the estimator tool here can make a call by phone. A real expert in Ford Motor Company parts will offer assistance. Warranty policies can be discussed as well as freight rates. Not paying a high price is just a bonus people get shopping here.