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Used 5L40E Transmission for Sale

1998 was the first year of active production for the 5-speed gearboxes used in some Cadillac vehicles. This unit was built only for use in vehicles that had a longitudinal engine design. This means that only motors with displacements ranging between 1.8 and 3.6 could be used. A person replacing an automatic GM assembly can find used 5L40E transmission for sale inventory here.

There are two different RPO codes that designate which 5L40E transmission a person has installed in a vehicle. There is an M82 code that means the vehicle is a rear-wheel drive configuration. There is also an MX5 code that is used to determine a naming system for BMW gearboxes installations. Before a person can successfully swap out a 5L40E, the proper code type must be identified.

Overdrive Preowned 5-Speed Gearboxes

Aside from what General Motors installed in Cadillac and BMW cars, several additional installations took place for other subsidiary brands until 2007. Holden, Pontiac, Chevy and Pontiac motor vehicles have all used one variation or another of the electronic 5L40E gearbox. Regardless of the type used, each edition included overdrive and a special clutch attached to the torque converter.

There are 5 different gear ratios that are found in any new or used 5L40E gearbox. This does not include the reverse gear. In the year 2004, GM introduced a heavy-duty version known as the 5L50 that was used in larger vehicles. Each of these assemblies has the same features and technology. Before purchasing one of these from a web source, it is best to determine inner and outer quality levels of each assembly.

How to Buy a 5L40E Transmission Online

As a consumer, there are ways that can be used to purchase a gearbox that will be free from errors or defects. One of the best ways to evaluate a gearbox when sorting through web inventory listings is to inquire about mileage if it is not listed. Because some dealers hide the quality of a gearbox by not listed mileage, consumers can be at a disadvantage. Many Chevrolet second hand transmissions can have up to 125,000 miles on the assembly.

Another way to make certain that a used 5L40E transmission is of good quality is to ask where the unit was acquired. Many secondary market sellers purchase from the cheapest sources in the U.S. to find rusted out transmission assemblies. Because prices are often cheaper for these units, someone who notices a price that is too cheap should be concerned. To buy an assembly that is low on mileage count and is certified used, explore the sellable inventory using the finder on this website.