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Used 6L50 Transmission for Sale

In the year 2006, GM created one of its best transmissions to date. This model is known as the 6L50. The clutch shift design was a update to the earlier 5L40E series. While 6-speed gearboxes are new to most General Motors vehicles, these units can be purchased in second hand condition on the web. Buying used 6L50 transmission for sale inventory is easy using this parts portal.

Installation into a variety of vehicles started in 2007 to showcase the 6L50 design. One of the first vehicles that used this gearbox for more than a few years was the Cadillac STS. One of the benefits of the 6-speed design was its AWD and rear-mounted design. Modifications were made by GM to make these units easier to install in different subsidiary brands.

Best Priced Hydra-matic 6L50 Gearboxes

When it comes to making buying decisions, some people prefer to look only at the MSRP or discounted price. For a savvy buyer, there is a lot more than can be considered when before making a retail purchase of a second hand gearbox. GM is one of the few companies that has already worked out the bugs and flaws in technology before it is mass produced in automatic and manual transmissions.

To better understand how to buy used transmissions, a person should know the difference of each inventory type offered. There are several names given to used condition assemblies. Some companies have given the phrase “used transmission” a bad name due to poor quality components. The big plus that is offered when buying preowned is the better condition units received.

Known 6L50 Transmission Problems

General Motors has not publicly recalled its 6-speed gearboxes and that is a good sign. While there are some minor flaws that have been corrected at dealerships, for the most part the 6L50 series continues to be a success in the U.S. and global markets. All PreownedTransmissions.com company units in stock are good quality units that always include a free parts warranty.

Shop Used GM 6-Speed Transmissions Online

There is a precise transmission finder that is installed on this website and connected to this page. This tool can find any automatic or manual gearbox that has been manufactured or licensed by GM over the past 40 years. Consumers can use this helpful tool in order to find out how much money it will cost to swap out a gearbox. Most prices that are featured already include the cost of shipping to a U.S. mailing address.

Fresh second hand inventory is regularly inputted into the inventory system in order to provide a definitive web resource to find used car, truck, van and SUV transmissions for sale online.