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Used 6T40 Transmission

The 6-speed 6T40 gearbox was announced for GM vehicle installations in the year 2008. This series is a continuation of the original turbo-hydramatic assemblies started in the 1980s. One of the strong points of the automatic GM transmissions available is the better ratio of fuel mileage. Someone using this website to find a used 6T40 transmission online will be happy.

GM upgraded its TH gearbox family by adding 2WD and 4WD capabilities. What this means is that compatibility is now available with more engine types. Because some gearboxes can be limited by the motor block, the 6T40 assembly was designed to accept four-cylinder and V6 motors. A person expecting performance will get a lot out of the 6T40 automatic transmission.

Vehicles Using the 6T40 Gearbox

Installation for the 6-speed assemblies has been spread out between the best-sellers in the General Motors family. Vehicles from Buick, Saturn, Chevrolet and Pontiac were fitted with the automatic 2WD and 4WD editions. The Enclave, Regal and LaCrosse featured V6 and four-cylinder engines that worked well with the 6T40.

The short lived Captiva, Cruze and Malibu from Chevy paired up easily with the automatic design in the 6-speed assembly. Because Pontiac was discontinued in 2010, only the G6 was fitted with the late-model TH transmission. The same can be said about the Saturn series SUVs and vehicles that used the 6T40 gearbox. Someone who will swap out a defective Chevy gearbox should use Dexron VI fluid to ensure compatibility.

6T40 Tag ID Numbers Search

There are common tag numbers that are fixed on the pan of the 6T40 gearboxes. Someone who needs help identifying a unit can look for numbers such as 2D2A, 2DKA, 2DBA or 2DSA. These are the most often used tag numbers although there are several other types. Most of the numbers listed are for units produced before 2013 for older GM based vehicles.

There is a 6T40E edition that still uses the lock up solenoid. Not every gearbox will be marked as an “E” series or not. The good news for a person who will swap one of these units is that there is no difference in functionality. There might be two different codes, but these are the same assemblies. A shift kit is one third-party upgrade that some people choose after swapping out the 6-speed automatic.

Best 6T40 Transmission Prices Online

Getting started in searching for auto parts can seem like a tedious task. Retailer pricing must be compared through different sources to confirm if price savings are possible. Thankfully, the tools on this website remove any extra research to discover a low sale price. Every GM automatic transmission for sale here has already been discounted for the public.

Apart from the new warehouse inventory search system, a toll-free number still exists for use here. Specialists are ready to answer any question that is asked about the used GM transmissions available. Order today and receive a unit this week.