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Used 700R4 Transmissions

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General Motors introduced the upgrade to the Hydra-matic transmissions in 1982 known as the 700R4. These four-speed automatic transmissions have most often been used for the GMC and Chevrolet vehicles until the 1992 year. This transmission is most often used for the truck and SUV builds in the GM family. The used 700R4 transmissions found through this resource offers good condition units for a low price online.

The developed 700R4 gearboxes were first used in the Chevrolet Blazer. This pairing lasted for an entire decade due to the positive reactions from consumers who purchased Blazer vehicles with the updated transmissions. The success of this vehicle series caused General Motors to design the Corvette to accept the 700R4 series gearboxes. The Camaro, Firebird and other motor vehicles used in the mid-1980s made use of the 700R4 units.

Preowned Four-Speed Automatic Transmissions

When buying transmissions that are used condition, buyers have few options to determine the internal quality of each unit. Some retailers use basic descriptions to supply quality information to potential buyers. These descriptions do not accurately present the internal or external quality of a transmission. Asking how many miles are on each transmission is one way to determine the quality. The seals and gaskets are essential to GM transmissions and should be free of leaks or damage.

The previously owned four-speed gearboxes in automatic builds here at the Preowned Transmissions company receive evaluations upon acquisition from distributors. Every General Motors replacement transmission featured on this website is evaluated. This means that internal and external reviews have been completed to guarantee the quality. All used 700R4 transmissions that are now in stock are certified and carry a warranty policy. These warranties are an extra reminder that the quality is guaranteed at the point of sale.

700R4 Transmission for Sale Prices

Price is one of the issues that concerns buyers of the 21st century. Paying too much for a replacement transmission is a common occurrence in the second hand market. The price structures that are selected on this resource to provide some of the lowest GM transmission pricing found online. The dealers that provide inventory found in the warehouse ready for shipment do provide cash discounts. These are used to help determine the sale pricing offered.

Price quotations are generated with the use of this website. Every buyer hoping to find previously owned 700R4 automatic transmissions can use the quote system here. This system asks for the year and make of each vehicle. What happens next is pricing is displayed instantly on this resource. Immediate comparisons with gearboxes sold from other dealers can be made before purchases are ever processed. A complete toll-free number solution is optionally provided for every buyer. All used General Motors transmission units featured here can be quoted calling the phone line that is promoted on this page.

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