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Used 845RE Transmission

Chrysler has helped lead transmission development since the 1960s in the U.S. market. One of the most recent discoveries to make its vehicles better happened in 2011. The ZF 8-speed transmission is now used in multiple vehicle brands that are owned and marketed by the Chrysler company. A person who is navigating the different dealers on the web to find a used 845RE transmission will find good inventory in stock at this website.

The first two vehicle brands to use the 845RE gearbox included the Charger and the 300. Each vehicle benefits directly from a lowered gear ratio that is designed to improve fuel efficiency by up to 4 miles per gallon. The 8-speed transmission is actually a modular design that is different from earlier versions featured in Audi, Rolls Royce or BMW vehicles.

845RE Transmission Specs

Chrysler pairs the 845RE gearbox with its latest flagship Pentastar 3.6 engines. A better torque rating is supplied due to the different gearing and clutch mechanisms that create the range in speeds available. One benefit to the 8-speed gearing is the AWD and 4×4 compatibility. Since many transmissions must be redesigned to incorporate four-wheel torque, Chrysler has emerged victorious with its manufacturing of the ZF based models.

Both performance and economy gearing is provided in the new or preowned gearbox editions. Shifting is now completed at a faster pace due to the locking torque converter. The series of brakes and clutches that now work independently have helped to cut out the various issues that are found in rival automaker gearboxes above 6 planetary gears. The control map design allows for more precise control of the 845RE transmission assembly.

Issues with the 845RE Transmission

With more than a million units sold in the U.S., Chrysler has dominated the transmissions market for 8-speed versions. While the HP8 was replaced with the 845RE, no known issues have been reported by vehicle owners that were not due to a manufacturing defect. Optimal performance in any assembly comes from good maintenance and proper understanding of how the gearing is used.

Used Chrysler 8-Speed Automatic Transmissions

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