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Used A604 Transmission

The A604 transmission, now known as the 41TE, was used for decades as part of the Chrysler company inventory of automatic gearboxes. A new design and change of name in the late 1980s could confuse people searching for a used A604 transmission on the web. Rest assured that the 4-speed units are still available to buy and the PreownedTransmissions.com is one of the top suppliers.

A604 Ultradrive 4-Speed Transmission

Vans were becoming more popular to build for automakers in the late 1980s. Chrysler knew that pairing its smaller gearboxes up with larger engines would win the attention of auto buyers. Because other car companies moved to operating transmissions with electronic pulses, the Ultradrive series followed suit.

The limp home mode was a new feature programmed into the A604 TCM. This feature was meant to provide more control based on software if a problem was found with a motor. Some people love and some hate the A604 because of its limp mode. The invention of adaptive shifting in automatic gearboxes changed the way Chrysler did business going forward.

A person can avoid future problems with the A604 and 41TE gearboxes by following recommended fluid changes. By changing out bad fluid, the inner gearing remains lubricated and free of bits of metal or corrosion. The 7176 fluid is the most popular type that is added to the Ultradrive automatic transmissions by Chrysler.

Dodge Used Gearboxes with Warranties

The last installation of the original A604 technology took place in the year 2010. The PT Cruiser was nearing its final years of production at Chrysler. As a primary van and sedan vehicle gearbox, the A604 has been reliable in most cases for consumers. What it takes to purchase one of these builds on the web in good condition is just a little extra research.

What’s wrong with my 4-speed A604 transmission? Is something that unfortunate auto owners can sometimes ask online. While there is no way to predict just how long a gearbox will remain error-free, what can ease the risk of a component problem is a third party auto warranty. These warranties are the same types that are provided at the PreownedTransmissions.com company.

Buy A604 Replacement Transmissions

Regardless of the part number, the 41TE or A604 are two workhorses of a gearbox. Minor changes have been included for most Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles through its 1989 to present period of production. A preowned OEM build is by far a lot more reliable than a rebuilt or recycled edition. This is because most that are found for sale here already have low usage.

A quote in price or a checkout can be conducted through use of this automotive portal. A person can review any sticker price prior to making purchase decisions for Dodge branded gearboxes. A customer service expert who is knowledgeable about the history of the 4-speed automatic units is always ready to provide service here.