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Used Acura TL Transmission for Sale

There is more than one type of gearbox that Honda has installed into Acura TL vehicles. Which one should you choose? The TL is the touring edition found in the luxury car division. While the motors are often the same, the transmissions can be very different. The Preowned Transmissions company website offers an olive branch to car owners seeking used Acura TL transmission prices and information over the Internet.

What are the different TL transmissions available? Honda has produced or co-produced at least three different gearboxes that correlate to the different production years in the TL vehicle class. The first installation of the 1996 edition vehicles was the four-speed automatic. This assembly was the same model used in entry level Honda vehicles that were not in the luxury class.

How to Choose Used Acura Transmissions

By identifying the motor type, it can be faster to evaluate what transmission was used for each TL vehicle. The 3.2 V6 is the most common motor that is used in North American offered vehicles from 1996 to the 1998 years. These gearboxes are known as the first generation and are usually free from errors or issues that happened during later years of production in Honda motor vehicles.

For the 2000 years and up, Acura began to showcase the five-speed automatic. This was a result of offering a larger 3.2 horsepower engine known as the S edition. Making sure that a gearbox meshes well with engine displacement is one of the secrets of good vehicle maintenance. Someone served with the task of replacing a defective TL transmission for Acura cars can choose between automatic or manual once the motor size is officially determined.

TL Acura Transmission Recall Notice

The 2002 through 2005 years were tough years at Honda. The automatic transmissions found in four and five speeds were recalled in a range of cars and SUVs. Among these vehicles was the touring legend cars. Newer vehicles were given a quick oil jet fix at local dealerships while older cars that were still under 100,000 miles were granted a more in-depth repair.

All of the PreownedTransmissions.com company inventory on this website is free from any recall notice or other errors that could affect successful gearbox operation. This guarantees that someone trying hard to find transmissions away from a Honda dealership will encounter an above average unit that can be installed quickly.

Where to Buy Used Acura Transmissions Online

Nearly anyone can shop the used market to find auto parts although it is not always easy to shop the local scene. Too many dealers promote low pricing although parts can be ripped from vehicles that were never inspected. A different approach is taken at this website and translates into a better quality gearbox. All used Acura TL brand automatic or manual transmissions for sale are priced accordingly. Distribution of applicable sale pricing is always granted while making use of the programmed engine quotes system here.