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Used Allison Transmission

allision gearboxes

Allison started its automotive services in 1909 and quickly became a trusted name in engines development. The pairing with Detroit Diesel helped to establish diesel engine development in the 1970s. The first automatic transmission for larger trucks in the U.S. was built by Allison. This popularity helped the company to change its focus to transmission building in the auto industry. Every used Allison transmission featured in the warehouse of units for sale here is genuine produced assembly.

The complete purchase of Allison by General Motors helped introduce a different set of technologies. Both automatic and manual created gearboxes were introduced during the complete ownership of the company. The Powertrain Products division of GM helped to popularize Allison gearboxes in most trucks and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Buying a used gearbox built by Allison-GM is easy to do here. Nearly every assembly produced from 1970 to the current day is offered for distribution here.

Preowned Allison Transmissions for Sale

While GM no longer owns the company, many buyers search the inventories of junkyards and salvage companies to find adequate inventory. The sources used to find authentic Allison inventory for sale here help create higher quality units in stock. The suppliers in North American specializing in classic inventory has built the PreownedTransmissions.com inventory online. There are plenty of units in stock that are shippable to any buyer. Some of the biggest issues when choosing a gearbox are price versus useful life.

The different production time frames that were used to produce heavy-duty and standard transmissions has a lot to do with the overall usage lifespan. The vintage units that are often featured through online auction companies can have great prices. The drawback is that most units have too much mileage on the assembly to be reliable as a replacement. The Preowned Transmissions sources supplying the units listed here for sale ensure that every component is warranted and a full OEM warranty is supplied.

How to Buy Allison Transmissions Used

Every buyer can choose the way to purchase a transmission replacement. This resource offers multiple methods of ordering. The first step to selecting any gearbox is knowing what type is needed. This can be accomplished using the search box on this very page. The inventory in the warehouse is searchable using this automated tool. All stock numbers and price details are offered. This supplies a faster research strategy for buyers.

When online quotes are not desired, any Allison gearbox for sale can be quoted when dialing the phone support number on this page. What happens is a trained specialist takes all calls. There are zero part numbers that must be provided in order to learn pricing. All information is electronically stored in the company database. The engine size is one component needed as well as a vehicle year and make. This basic info guarantees that a quote in price is offered to any person supplying this information.