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Used AX4N Taurus Transmission

Ford had big plans for its automotive division in the late 1990s as the Taurus and Sable were taking hold in the U.S. While each of these vehicles were equipped with a 3.0 V6 engine, it was the transmissions that helped to set the pace for another decade of expert manufacturing. Someone hoping to buy a used AX4N Taurus transmission online will find quality inventory on this website.

AX4N: Automatic Transaxle Transmission

Because Ford established powerful engines with auto transmissions in the 1980s, there was a big demand for the AX4N design. These units were originally built in the state of Michigan starting in 1986 known then as the AXOD. These gearboxes are overdrive assemblies that feature a twin piston clutch system on most early models. Ford officially changed to the AXOD code with the AX4N code in the early 1990s.

The entire production year and installation schedule for the Ford AX4N Taurus transmission were between 1986 and 2007. Apart from the Taurus transmission installs, Ford Motor Company did use the same gearboxes inside of the Freestar, Continental, Sable and SHO brands. This broad range of production helped to showcase the reliability of the early AX4N transmissions.

Common Problems with the AX4N Gearboxes

Acknowledgement of a lubrication issue was announced near the close of the 20th century at Ford. Clutch failures were common due to this design flaw. Hard shifting was also reported and did cause damage to some delicate parts in the transmission housing. It should be noted that many of these issues came later during the production of the AX4N when these were used in Mercury and minivan vehicles.

Average Prices for Used Taurus Transmissions

No two used gearboxes will have the same priced based on a number of elements. What one dealer charges a consumer, a second or third dealer could add on their markup due to acquisition fees. The option to buy from a salvage yard or a junkyard is available nationally although reliability issues with some transmission models are common.

Where to Buy Used AX4N Transmissions for Sale

PreownedTransmissions.com supplies one of the only national price finders that is usable on this page to provide car owners, car restorers and body shops with a price matching system. A year and Taurus make can be entered into the price location tool to immediately learn how much these cost to swap with a defective model. The tool offers Ford transmission identification codes lookups to make it really easy to find a match. A toll-free number is also offered nationally to produce real time quotations for used transmissions on sale.