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Used CD4E Contour Transmission

Smaller four-speed transmissions that Ford produced starting in 1994 were openly shared by its partner Mazda. The 626 was the testing ground for the CD4E gearbox. Ford Motor Company later used this transaxle automatic assembly inside of its Contour cars. Exploring this website to find used CD4E Contour transmission inventory can educate a person and save a person money.

The time period of production for the FWD CD4E gearbox was 1994 to 2007. Ford later moved to 6-speed transmissions that shared some of the same technologies in the year 2008. The most popular engine type that is found with the four-speed transmission is the 2.0 blocks. From 1995 to 2000, the Contour was paired with the Zetec or Duratec engines.

Main Causes of CD4E Gearbox Failures

Dirty filters are one problem that mechanics encounter when troubleshooting a four-speed automatic transmission. Because some car owners never change out their filters, debris and metal shavings can affect the shifting of the early CD4E gearboxes. Using the wrong type of fluid is another issue that is brought up a lot. Only Mercron fluid that is not Mercron V should be used to provide lubrication.

A shift kit is sometimes installed incorrectly in some consumer vehicles that can lead to a transmission failure. Issues with the torque converter and fuel pump can be common when components are not installed correctly. Some car owners try to attempt to pull out a gearbox or remove the drive axles in order to diagnose a problem. All of these issues combined can cause one or more serious problems that might require a total gearbox replacement.

Remanufactured CD4E Versus Used

Ford automatic transmissions are one automaker type that can be rebuilt correctly by a trained specialist. While the complete cost of a refurbished unit is hard to estimate, some car owners still prefer to have something a little better than a high mileage used assembly. The units that are on sale at the PreownedTransmissions.com website are certified and do provide similar quality when compared with a rebuilt four-speed.

One of advantages that are noticeable upon purchase of a preowned unit is the third-party warranty protection. While the CD4E gearbox is known to have some problems, warranty coverage is essential for any transmission buyer. Most rebuilt or refurbished Ford gearboxes have only a 90-day protection plan in place.

Used Transmission for a Ford Contour

A replacement that holds up as good as an OEM unit is the goal that most car owners have when replacing their transmission. Because all swaps are not the same price, there could be added costs that someone does not factor in when estimating a Contour or other Ford vehicle transmission replacement.

A gearbox price locator has been installed on this page to prove just how cheap it can be to go with a used automatic transmission compared to units sold on the web as reconditioned in the U.S.